Well-being is the ongoing process of reflecting on and engaging with your values and actions to help you thrive now and into the future. Understanding our well-being helps us to navigate the peaks and valleys that are a natural part of life. We have defined 8 dimensions of well-being; check them out below.

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    Identifying, expressing, and managing your entire range of emotions, experiences, and vulnerabilities.

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    Seeking to expand knowledge, skills, and creative abilities for the sake of learning.

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    Pursuing regular movement, a nutritious diet, adequate sleep, and practicing consistent preventative behaviors.

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    Establishing a sense of connection and belonging to others and your community through positive interpersonal interactions.

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    Engaging in work that is meaningful, enjoyable, and aligns with personal values.

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    Living in and contributing to a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment.

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    Understanding your core values, how you make meaning of what happens to you, and what provides you with comfort and relief.

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    Developing a relationship with money and skills for managing resources.

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