Health & Wellness Liaison Program

The mission of the Health & Wellness Liaison Program is:

  1. To serve the Health & Counseling Center (HCC) as student advocates and liaisons between the HCC and students, student government organizations, and University administration when appropriate.
  2. To represent the student body by helping to develop policies, services, and programs of the HCC and making recommendations to the HCC administration.
  3. To obtain student opinion on student health and wellness issues with the cooperation of the other health and student organizations.
  4. To insure quality health and wellness services by transmitting student concerns and interests to the HCC administration.


Health & Wellness Liaison Program Structure

The Executive Director of Health & Counseling serves as the Chair of the Health & Wellness Liaison Program. The ED will review applications from students and appoint students to create a membership that is representative of the student body.

The Health and Wellness Liaison group will be made up of at least seven additional members including both Undergraduate Student Representatives and Graduate/Professional Student Representatives. Any student enrolled in at least 9 credits is eligible for the group. Students are expected to commit to serving for at least one academic year. Students may remain on the committee for up to four years if they continue to meet the enrollment requirement.

The Health and Wellness Liaison group will meet at least once per month for a dinner or lunch meeting. Each member will be expected to attend a minimum of 75% of scheduled meetings to maintain membership.



  • Support the mission of the Health & Wellness Liaison Program and attend at least 75% of scheduled meetings
  • Be prepared for each meeting and be willing to dedicate some time outside of meetings toward accomplishing tasks and taking a leadership role for health and wellness topics on campus
  • Actively engage with the student body to solicit feedback regarding the HCC experience and consult with campus entities on health and wellness topics


Please check back here for more updates and application materials for the following year.