Alcohol & Other Drugs

Alcohol and other drug (AOD) use is a top concern on college campuses. Many DU students choose not to drink or use other drugs, and most DU students who engage in these behaviors do so in safe and moderate ways. The University of Denver promotes a healthy and safe educational, professional, and residential community where drugs and alcohol do not interfere with individual performance, personal success, public safety, or the integrity of the learning environment.

Visit the links below for resources on some of the most common AODs used by college students.

Making Safer Choices

It is important that all students take time to regularly examine their own behaviors, experiences, and motivations to ensure that their behaviors and experiences match their goals.

The Health Promotion team is committed to helping you make safer decisions for yourself and be empowered to serve as an active bystander, preventing harm for yourself and your fellow students.

Alcohol and Other Drug Trends at DU


Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

The University of Denver's Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program includes drug and alcohol policies as well as resources for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse.

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