Community Mental & Behavioral Health Resources


The Counseling Center Referral Service (CCRS) is a comprehensive web-based platform that enables Counseling Centers to manage relationships with counseling service providers, and refer students and faculty members to these providers in a user-friendly, efficient, and consistent manner.

The University of Denver began utilizing the CCRS in 2018 as part of the Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Grant. Use of the CCRS allows DU community members including students, staff, and faculty to search for a provider based on the provider's name, gender identity, language proficiencies, racial/ethnic identity, area of expertise, services offered, and insurances accepted.


Looking for resources in the community that provide treatment, meetings, and other services for substance use disorder? Here's a map of resources we recommend in the Denver area!

This "Addiction Resource Hub" can be used to search for treatment and support resources in Denver and around the country.

Unfortunately, the Recovery Resource Hub from Capacitype is offline. We have updated the link above to a google resource in the interim.