Know Before You Go

Transitioning to life on campus is easier if you come prepared. As you think about joining our community, remember this is a time for growth, self-discovery, and building lifelong connections. Our "Preparing to Live On Campus" guide is here to get you oriented as you live on campus. 

    First Steps

    Considering doing these things first

    1. Upload a photo for your DU ID Card so it will be available when you arrive on campus
    2. Use your Housing Portal to find out about room assignments and your roommate
    3. Reach out to your new roommate(s) and get to know them
    4. Plan with your roommate(s) what you will bring to campus
    5. Learn more about where you'll live, including furniture, amenities, approximate room dimensions 
    6. Read the Guide to Residence Living
    7. Tell your family and friends your on-campus address

    Laundry and Custodial Services


    For our first-year residential communities, laundry facilities are located on the main floor. WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems is the laundry service and equipment provider at DU. Machine operation and payments are controlled through Speed Queen Insights (also available as a mobile app. You will be able to find out whether the laundry rooms are currently busy and notify you when your laundry is done. Laundry Instructions are posted on the walls of each laundry room, and live assistance is available 24/7 in the app.

    Custodial Services

    Common areas in the residence halls are cleaned DU custodial staff daily. However, we expect that cleaning and general upkeep of students individual rooms and shared common areas also responsibilities of the students who live in our residential communities.