Know Before You Go

Transitioning to life on campus is easier if you come prepared. Here, you will find the information you need to arrive ready.

Pioneer ID Card

The Pioneer Card is your official University of Denver ID. It allows students to access their residence halls, Anderson Academic Commons, the Ritchie Center, the Law Library, parking lots and several academic buildings on campus. It also functions as a transaction card for meal plans and the flex account, allows students to purchase discounted tickets to DU entertainment and sporting events, and can also be linked to your U.S. Bank checking account to function as an ATM/debit card.

Preparing to Move In

Get a head start on your transition to campus life by taking these steps even before you arrive at DU.

  • Learn about your room and roommate assignment on the Housing Portal
  • Contact your new roommate(s) and get to know them
  • Discuss what you will be bringing with your new roommate(s)
  • Notify family and friends of your new on-campus address
  • Upload a photo for your Pioneer Card so it will be available when you arrive
  • Learn your residence hall mailing address and when to ship items from home

DU Bookstore 

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DU Bookstore

Room and Furniture Specifications

Beds come with extra-long twin mattresses measuring 36 by 80 by 7 inches.

Beds may be bunked using bunk bed pins and guard rails available at the residence hall front desks.

Dressers measure 19 by 30 by 30 inches, with drawers measuring 19 by 30 by 5.25 inches.

Desks measure 22.25 by 42.5 by 30 inches, with three drawers measuring 15.5 by 12.5 by 5.25 inches, and one drawer measuring 15.5 by 20.75 by 2.25 inches.

Most closets in Centennial Halls measure 98 inches tall by 47.75 inches wide. In Centennial Towers, most closets measure 98 inches tall by 45.75 inches wide. Most closets in Johnson-McFarlane Halls measure 30.5 inches deep by 46 inches wide by 62.5 inches tall up to the first shelf, and about one foot above each of two shelves. Closets in the Dimond Family Residential Village measure 29 inches deep by 34 inches wide by 91.5 inches tall.

Rooms and suites without kitchens include micro-fridges with a 2.13 cubic foot refrigerator and a 0.75 cubic foot freezer, as well as a 0.7 cubic foot, 700 watt microwave oven. The entire unit measures approximately 44 inches high by 19 inches wide by 20 inches deep.

Laundry and Custodial Amenities

Laundry facilities are located on the main floor of each residence hall. WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems is the laundry equipment and service provider at DU. Payments and machine operation are controlled via the Speed Queen Insights mobile app, which also shows whether the laundry rooms are currently busy and notifies students when their laundry is done. Instructions are posted on the wall in each laundry room, and live assistance is available 24/7 in the app.

Common areas in the residence halls are cleaned daily by DU custodial staff. Cleaning and general upkeep of individual units, however, are responsibilities of the residents who live there.

Important Housing Dates

It is up to you to know every important housing date, including when to move in, when winter break starts and ends, and when to move out. If these dates change, we will email you well in advance. 

HRE Important Dates

For other important dates, consult the Academic, Registration & Billing Calendars maintained by the Registrar.

Meal Plans

Dining Services for the 2023-2024 academic year begin with brunch on Tuesday, September 5, 2023. Students can make changes to their meal plans each quarter up until the first Thursday of week one (September 14 for fall quarter, 2023).


First year students are required to register for their First Year Seminar (FSEM) and classes during the registration period. Any student who is not registered for classes is not permitted to live in on-campus housing. For more information about registration, please visit the New Student Registration website.

Two-Year Live-On Requirement and Contract Release Information

The two-year live-on requirement is a commitment between undergraduate students and the University of Denver to enhance students' on-campus experience by requiring all first- and second-year (post-high school) undergraduates to live in University housing and subscribe to a meal plan. If you are considering living off campus and meet the requirements to do so, please read through the contract release process and contact us as soon as possible. Live at home and special release forms are due on Monday, August 28, 2023 at 12 a.m. Mountain Time.