Thrive Peer Educators

Peer Educators

The Thrive Peer Educators are a team of undergraduate students who work for the Department of Health Promotion at the University of Denver's Health & Counseling Center. This passionate group of about 20 paid student leaders strives to promote the health and well-being of the DU campus community through health education and engagement, developing programs and implementing outreach efforts to address sexual health, mental health, alcohol & other drug education, and gender-based violence prevention.

Thrive Peer Educators serve as HCC ambassadors, act as liaisons between the DU community and health professionals, and facilitate Intervene: DU — a required active bystander intervention training for all new undergraduate students. This paid position requires a one-year commitment of 30 to 40 hours per quarter, with offers typically extended for students who are not graduating.

Become a Thrive Peer Educator

The Thrive Peer Educator team interviews and hires new members in the winter quarter each year. Applications for the 2023–2024 academic year are now closed. Check back next year or if you have questions about the program, please email

Meet Our '22-'23 Thrive Peer Educators!


Luke Fish

Luke Fish: Team Leader

  • Pronouns: He/Him/His
  • Major: Psychology
  • Personal Interests: Musical theatre/performing and all contained fields, board games, video games, baking, and guitar
Tarini Sharma

Tarini Sharma: Team Leader

  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Major: Economics
  • Minor: Psychology
  • Other Campus Activities: Engagement Assistant at the Burwell Center for Career Achievement, Happy Tampers
  • Personal Interests: Reading, doodling, and aggressively headbanging
Caitlin Clemens

Caitlin Clemens

  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Majors: International Studies, Geography
  • Minors: French, Sustainability
  • Other Campus Activities: Officer, National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCG)
  • Personal Interests: Hiking, skiing, reading, going on adventures
Caroline Kemp

Caroline Kemp

  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Major: Sociology
  • Minor: Wellness Studies
  • Other Campus Activities: Member & Philanthropy Assistant of Delta Zeta Sorority, Happy Tampers
  • Personal Interests: Fashion forecasting, swimming, popular culture, hiking, wellness, baking, meditation
Sam Levering

Sam Levering

  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Major: Anthropology
  • Minor: Leadership
  • Other Campus Activities: Chi Omega Sorority, DU EMS, and Pioneer Leadership Program (PLP)
  • Personal Interests: Baking, yoga, reading, travel, listening to music, watching tv, and mochas

Rhea Mech

  • Pronouns: she/her 
  • Major(s): Communication studies 
  • Minor(s): Sociology and sustainability 
  • Personal interests: Hiking, music, crafts, baking 

Lindsay Baker 

  • Pronouns: she/her 
  • Major(s): Anthropology 
  • Minor(s): Leadership studies, urban studies 
  • Other campus activities: USG, Happy Tampers, DU Honors, PLP, Feel Good DU 
  • Personal interests: Reading, journaling/scrapbooking, hiking, listening to music and going to concerts, traveling 

Vanessa Leon-Gamez 

  • Pronouns: she/her 
  • Major(s): Biological Sciences 
  • Minor(s): Gender and Women’s Studies, Leadership 
  • Other campus activities: Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority Inc., First at DU, Colorado Women’s College 
  • Personal interests: Playing Animal Crossing, watching documentaries, trying new foods 

Aliya Z

  • Pronouns: They/them
  • Major(s): Psychology, Philosophy
  • Other campus activities: Fashion and sewing club
  • Personal interests: Crocheting, listening to music and making playlists, snowboarding, playing guitar

Karlin Dioguardi 

  • Pronouns: she/her 
  • Major(s): Socio-legal studies and Psychology 
  • Minor(s): Leadership 
  • Other campus activities: USG: Associate Justice on the Judicial Branch, Pioneer Leadership Program 
  • Personal interests: Skiing, listening to music, spending time with people I love! 

Julia Creech 

  • Pronouns: she/her 
  • Major(s): Religious studies/journalism 
  • Other campus activities: Alpine club 
  • Personal interests: Reading, listening to music, skiing, writing