Find all the University of Denver Health & Counseling Center forms you need at the links below.


Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Brochure

For loss of coverage and study abroad SHIP forms, please contact the HCC at 303-871-2205 or



Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Enrollment


Health & Counseling Fee (HCF) Enrollment

Email for the 22-23 Health & Counseling Fee Enrollment Form.


Release of Information & Parental Consent

Immunization Forms


The University of Denver is committed to ensuring the health and safety of the entire community. University of Denver policy and Colorado State Law require most students to show proof of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, meningitis, influenza, and COVID-19. The University of Denver Health and Counseling Center (HCC) is responsible for ensuring student compliance with both state and university vaccination requirements. 

The links below provide detailed information regarding those requirements, as well as information on where to get vaccinated and how to submit proof of immunization or requests for exemptions.

For help obtaining immunization or submitting your vaccination records, contact the HCC at 303-871-2205 or info@hcc.du.eduPlease include your DU ID number, first and last name with all communications.

Medical Exemptions

Medical exemptions must be requested by submitting a letter or statement signed by your healthcare provider indicating the clinically supported reason(s) you should not receive the vaccination(s). This letter must include the time period for which the exemption is valid. 


Non-medical Exemptions

Electronic Signable Forms

We want to make it as easy as we can for you to complete the forms we need but also ensure the forms completion meets legal standards. Below we are listing the forms you can completed fully electronically right here through our site.

Welcome to DU DocuSign! Once signed, many of these documents will be automatically submitted to the HCC for processing.

DocuSign Non-Medical COVID-19 Exemption form for 2022-2023 year valid through July 30, 2023

DocuSign Non-Medical Influenza exemption form for 2022-2023 year valid through July 30, 2023 

DocuSign Non-Medical Meningococcal Disease Information and Vaccine Waiver form for 2022-2023 year valid through July 30, 2023 

DocuSign Release of Information [creation pending]

DocuSign Campus Partners Release of Information [creation pending]

DocuSign Parental Consent to Treat Form [creation pending]

DocuSign Parental MyHealth Portal Access Request Form [creation pending]