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Interpersonal violence can create tremendous financial stress. Survivors are often left with financial burdens related to mental and/or physical health services, loss of wages from having to miss work or quit their jobs, damaged property, moving expenses, loss of college scholarships due to a drop in academic performance or leave of absence, or loss of tuition dollars.

The CAPE Survivor Fund was initiated by a group of student activists who recognized the financial burden that interpersonal violence often has on survivors. In an effort to support survivor healing, the CAPE Survivor Fund is designed to mitigate some financial barriers survivors may face due to the trauma they have experienced. Applying for the fund does not require any reporting to law enforcement or the University.

If you are interested in learning more about the CAPE Survivor Fund, please email, call 303-871-3853, or schedule an appointment with us through the MyHealth portal.

  • Eligibility
    • Any DU student, staff member, or faculty member who has experienced gender violence is eligible to apply for the CAPE Survivor Fund.
    • Survivors can access the application process by meeting with a CAPE advocate.
    • There must be a direct connection between the gender violence and the financial difficulty.
    • The CAPE Survivor Fund is not a confidential resource due to the application review process. In order to avoid any conflict with a student's financial aid status, identifying information and the student's connection with CAPE will be shared with the Financial Aid office. Details about trauma will not be shared.
    • Survivors are eligible to apply for the CAPE Survivor Fund once per calendar year.
    • The CAPE Survivor Fund is designed to provide one-time financial assistance, and cannot provide ongoing assistance.

Donate to the CAPE Survivor Fund

Consider enhancing a survivor’s experience by donating to the CAPE fund here or by texting CAPE to 91999For questions regarding donating, contact us at 303-871-3853 or

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