About Us

The University of Denver Health & Counseling Center (HCC) is an integrated health and counseling facility designed to meet our students needs by providing quality medical and counseling services--including comprehensive primary health care, gynecology, and mental health care, as well as education, prevention and topical support.

The HCC is every eligible student's home for health and well-being during their time at the University of Denver. We are committed to care of body and mind to help students succeed in college and life. All currently enrolled DU students are eligible for HCC services except those in entirely online programs.


To enhance overall student well-being and success through inclusive physical and mental healthcare, prevention, education, advocacy, and recovery support services. 


Equity, Access, Student-Centered, Collaboration, Innovation 


All DU students — part-time or full-time, undergraduate or graduate — have access to the Health & Counseling Center's wide range of services, regardless of their insurance plan. Choose a card below to learn more about the specific services we provide.

Medical Services

The HCC is a comprehensive primary care facility that also offers gynecology services.

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Counseling Services

The HCC is here to support your mental health in your transition to DU and throughout your time at the University.

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Promoting Health & Well Being

HCC Health Promotion works to create a thriving DU community through education, engagement, and sociocultural change around health and well-being.

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Survivor Advocacy & Healing - CAPE

The Center for Advocacy, Prevention, & Empowerment (CAPE) supports survivor healing by providing advocacy and support for survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment.

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Collegiate Recovery Program

The Collegiate Recovery Program provides peer support and sober events for students in recovery.

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