Programs & Events

The Department of Health Promotion at the Health & Counseling Center offers an assortment of programs and events designed to improve the health and well-being of the DU community. Expand items in the list below to learn more.

  • Thriving on Your 21st Birthday
    thriving on your 21st birthday

    For those that choose to drink, turning 21 often includes new challenges such as drinking for the first time, drinking in new and unfamiliar environments, and being faced with pressure to consume more than they may have in the past. By teaming up with local businesses, the Department of Health Promotion has created a free 21st Birthday coupon book and informational session designed to provide students with a toolkit for a safer and more enjoyable celebration!

    We believe this initiative is important because we want students who choose to go out on their 21st birthday and celebrate with alcohol or cannabis to do so safely. We know that eating food while using substances is a good harm reduction strategy. Additionally, we want to provide students with fun activities to participate in on their 21st birthday that can serve as an alternative to using substances.

    21st Birthday coupon books include free or reduced-price deals from local businesses to use on the week of your 21st birthday. The coupons will be given to each student, along with a ten-minute educational session about alcohol and cannabis with a Thrive Peer Educator, when they register to pick up their coupon book within a week of turning 21.

    Students must come themselves on or before their 21st birthday.

    Community Partners

    • Starbucks by Denver Dining
    • Istanbul Café & Bakery – Evans Ave. location
    • Sexy Pizza – Pearl St. location
    • Which Wich Superior Sandwiches – Colorado Blvd. location
    • Ka-Ko Jo's Arcade and Mini Golf (located in the Town Center at Aurora)
    • Ghost Ride Haunted Tours Denver
    • Smash It Breakroom
    • HD Escape Rooms
    • LuvEat Boba Tea House

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to register to pick-up a coupon book?

    • Yes, CrimsonConnect registration is required. Please bring your DU ID to verify your registration when you meet with us. Please cancel your registration if you can no longer attend an educational session so someone else can register.


    Do you require proof of birth date?

    • We recognize that requiring a proof of birth date means exclusion to people who do not have identification or are undocumented, so we will not require ID verification for this program. We welcome all people with all statuses to participate this program as long as you are a current student and register in CrimsonConnect. That said, please bring your DU ID card with you to confirm your registration.


    I'm not on campus or in Denver this quarter. Can you mail me the coupons?

    • Unfortunately, no, we cannot mail coupon books. Also, the coupons are for local Denver businesses so if you're not in the DU area the week of your birthday, you won't be able to redeem them.


    When do the coupons expire?

    • Coupons are valid within a week of a person's 21st birthday. All community partners have the right to ask for state ID and/or refuse service at any given time.


    Can my friend pick up the coupons for me?

    • No. We cannot allow friends to pick up the coupon books for others. The person turning 21 must be the one participating in the program and picking up the coupon book themselves. If the available pick-up times don't work for your schedule, please email to schedule an appointment.


    My birthday is during a school break. Can I still participate in this program?

    • Yes. During break times, please contact the Department of Health Promotion at for adjusted times when the program will be offered.


    My local business is interested in being a part of this program. Whom do I contact?

    • Great! Please contact the Department of Health Promotion at to get set up with our program.
  • Mental Health Awareness Week

    Mental Health Awareness Month at DU is an annual event designed to raise awareness of mental health issues and resources and decrease stigma related to mental health. The week is in conjunction with National Mental Health Month in May, which aims to eradicate mental health stigma across the nation and increase accessibility to mental health resources. The Department of Health Promotion works with campus and community partners during this week to provide educational programming and outreach for students, as well as the greater DU community.

    For questions about the next Mental Health Awareness, please email

  • Moments of Mindfulness
    moments of mindfulness

    Midweek Mindfulness provides a variety of regularly scheduled mindfulness activities for students. The goal of the program is to encourage students to practice self-care, reduce stress, and connect with others through activities like arts and crafts, yoga, and more.

    Check out our Instagram @ThriveAtDU or check us out on Crimson Connect to learn about upcoming in-person and virtual events and how to get engaged!

    Have questions? Email

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    Relationship and dating abuse impact many college students and fall under the umbrella of "domestic violence" or "DV." October is DV Awareness Month, where we raise awareness and build relationship skills.

    We'll have a series of events available! For questions or more information, please contact

  • Love + Sex + Health Week

    Love + Sex + Health Week is held in February around Valentine's Day. Designed to be collaborative and multidisciplinary, Love + Sex + Health Week promotes healthy sex and sexuality. In partnership with a number of campus and Denver community organizations, the week is filled with giveaways, educational workshops, and a lot of fun! A full calendar of events will be posted in January.

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
    sexual assault awareness month

    Each April, the DU community comes together to honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Through a month of collaborative programming, we aim to educate on ways to prevent sexual violence, promote consent and healthy relationships, and show survivor support. Please join us as we explore this critical issue and work toward creating a safer and more inclusive environment for all!

    See below for SAAM 2024 events!

    • The Clothesline Project-All Month Long
      • Anderson Academic Commons will host an installation of t-shirts designed by DU community members impacted by interpersonal violence.


    • Wear Teal Day-Tuesday, April 2nd
      • Visit our table on the first floor of CCOM from 11:00am-2:00pm to pick up a teal ribbon and to paint your nails teal in honor of Wear Teal Day


    • The CAPE Gala-Friday, April 12th from 7:00pm-9:00pm
      • CAPE will be hosting an inaugural fundraising gala from 7:00pm-9:00pm in CCOM 1700. Proceeds will benefit the CAPE Survivor Fund. Purchase your tickets here!


    • Wear Teal Women's Lacrosse Game-Sunday, April 14th at 1:00pm
      • Join the Women's Lacrosse team at 1pm for their second annual Wear Teal Game! Stop by our table outside Barton Field for some free giveaways!


    • Denim Decorating-Wednesday, April 17th from 12:00pm-3:00pm
      • Come learn about the history of Denim Day and prepare to participate in the day (April 24th) by decorating denim in CCOM 1800 from 12pm-3pm.


    • The Consent Fair & Denim Day-Wednesday, April 24th from 11:00am-2:00pm
      • End the month with an interactive fair centered on the importance of consent, interpersonal violence prevention, and survivor support in CCOM 1700 from 11am-2pm! Don’t forget to wear denim in honor of Denim Day!


    If you or someone you know has been impacted by interpersonal violence and are looking to speak with someone, please contact The Center For Advocacy, Prevention, and Empowerment (CAPE) or the Health & Counseling Center.


    SAAM buttons
  • Prevention & Education Requirements

    Ongoing education is the best way to help students learn new skills and create a cultural change toward the eradication of gender violence on college campuses. As a result, the Health & Counseling Center has partnered with different campus units to support multi-dose and multiplatform programs to help students build their skills and expertise. You can learn more about each of our programs below.

    We also know that some students coming to DU have already, in some way, been impacted by gender violence. If completing any of the requirements or discussing these topics could be activating for you, we invite you to do what you need in order to take care of yourself.

    If you are unable to complete the Interpersonal Violence Prevention & Education program requirements due to personal experience with gender violence, please contact You do not need to disclose your experience, but can indicate that you would like to be exempt for personal reasons. One of the confidential advocates from CAPE will reach out to you with resources and information.

    Pre-Orientation Online Module

    Before coming to campus, students must complete "Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates," (SAPU) an online module. Topics include consent, power dynamics, student values, prohibited conduct, and how to appropriately respond to potentially risky situations. More information is provided as part of the enrollment and summer pre-Discoveries Orientation process

    Discoveries Orientation

    As part of Discoveries Orientation, students will have the opportunity to review content covered in the online module ("Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates") and explore their own views and beliefs about college life. Topics covered include alcohol use, consent, sexual health, relationships, and active bystander skills.

    Intervene: DU – Active Bystander Workshop

    In 2017, the Undergraduate Student Government passed a resolution institutionalizing a requirement that all incoming first-year students are required to complete active bystander training by week six of winter quarter each academic year. The Department of Health Promotion is supporting this student led initiative by providing the Intervene: DU active bystander workshop. This is facilitated by trained peer educators.

    Intervene: DU workshops are offered multiple times per week during fall and winter quarters at different times to accommodate student schedules. Visit the Health Promotion page in Crimson Connect to sign up!

    RSO Harm Prevention Workshop Requirement

    As part of the 2017 Undergraduate Student Government resolution, in order to receive funding, a Registered Student Organization (RSO) must annually ensure that their organization has at least 25% of their membership completing this harm prevention program. To support this requirement, both the Departments of Health Promotion and Social Justice Education will provide the content for the programs.

    The workshops cover specific content areas: alcohol use, mental health, diversity and inclusion, and interpersonal violence. Check the list of open trainings being offered here.

    You do not have to meet this requirement prior to the RSO Re-Registration deadline; just before the end of the year.

    This requirement is an important step in creating a safe and inclusive DU community. Thank you for supporting this goal!

    Requirement FAQs

    How do you track attendance for Intervene: DU and/or the RSO Requirement workshops?

    Once your request for a workshop has been approved and confirmed, you'll be invited to co-host an event in Crimson Connect. Invite your members to that event, and ensure that they register.

    At the event, the facilitators of the workshop will check-in attendees at the beginning of the workshop. Attendees must arrive on time in order to be checked in. At the end of the workshop, the facilitators will check-out the attendees who have attended the entire training. If attendees have registered for the event, checked-in, and checked-out, they will receive a badge in Crimson Connect indicating their completion of their requirement.

    How do you know if 25% of my organization has completed the requirement?

    Using the badges assigned to members who have successfully completed the workshop, you will be able to calculate if 25% of your organization membership (in addition to the leaders) have completed the requirement. Student organization members who have been exempted from the workshop requirement for personal reasons will not count against the 25% attendance requirement.

    To check the status of your organizational requirements, please visit this site.

    Once you believe you have met the 25%, reach out to to confirm.

    What if a member of my organization finds the content to be activating for personal reasons?

    We understand that some of the topics covered in the training may be particularly difficult to discuss for personal reasons. If completing the interpersonal violence workshop may be activating, please email to talk to a confidential advocate about alternatives for the requirements. For concerns about the alcohol-based workshop or the suicide prevention workshop, please email

    One of the members of my organization says they have been exempted from a training, or otherwise says they can't go. What do I do?

    If a member of your organization says they have been exempted from the workshop requirement, it is important that you not force them to disclose the reason why. The Office of Student Engagement will be tracking exemptions and will ensure they do not count against your 25% attendance requirement.

    If they are unable to attend for reasons related to personal experience or activation, please refer to them to either (for the interpersonal violence workshop) or (for the alcohol and suicide prevention workshops) to explore exemption and support options.

    If they are unable to attend due to a schedule conflict, or simply do not want to go, this is not a valid exemption reason. They can attend an open training (these will be posted in Crimson Connect), or other members can attend to meet the 25% attendance requirement in their place.

    My organization has values or beliefs that may conflict with some of the workshop topics. Do we still have to complete the workshop?

    The four workshop options for the RSO requirement meet essential public health needs for the DU community. Completing a workshop is required annually for all registered student organizations (RSOs) in order to receive funding. In support of our different student organizations, each of the workshops can be tailored while still maintaining the essential content. When you fill out the workshop request form, be sure to indicate your needs or preferences in the appropriate question box.

    If you have questions, or would like to talk to a staff person about a workshop, you can reach out to us by email. For suicide prevention, alcohol skills, and interpersonal violence workshops, email For the microaggressions and bias workshop, email

    Remember, you must submit your requests for the workshop at least two weeks in advance of the facilitation date you request. If you would like the facilitator to work with you on the content of the workshop, we suggest submitting your request at least three weeks in advance.

    What if members of my organization have already completed a workshop for the RSO requirement this year? Will they need to attend another one?

    If members of your organization are members of another or multiple student organizations, and they attend an RSO requirement-approved workshop with their other organization(s), they do not have to attend additional trainings for each organization they belong to. You should confirm their attendance and completion of the other workshop to ensure compliance.