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Our professional, highly trained counselors understand and celebrate the wide spectrum of identity differences among today's college students, with a special sensitivity for the unique challenges faced by historically marginalized groups. On this page, you'll find details on how we strive to provide identity-affirming care for historically underserved groups.

You are welcome here! We are committed to ensuring everyone gets the personalized help they need.

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BIPOC Students

Our counselors are dedicated to providing culturally-affirming therapy by honoring and seeking to understand the cultural history and values of our BIPOC students. People commonly come to counseling when they feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or are having difficulties in relationships; BIPOC students often experience additional unique stressors, such as:

  • Feelings of invisibility or a lack of a cultural community on campus
  • Struggles to balance familial and cultural expectations in a predominantly White and Westernized university environment
  • Feelings of having "one foot in two worlds and one foot in neither"
  • Experiences of discrimination, harassment, or marginalization
  • Experiences of "microaggressions," or subtler forms of prejudice and stereotyping
  • Experiences of "macroaggressions," or explicit forms of prejudice and stereotyping
  • Feelings of invalidation by individuals and systems
  • The need to balance, honor, and integrate multiple identities
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LGBTQIA+ Students

Our licensed, professional staff is highly trained and sensitive to unique issues experienced by LGBTQIA+ college students. We offer services in collaboration with The Cultural Center on campus, as well as specific counseling services including but not limited to identity exploration, navigating family dynamics surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity, and support for students experiencing marginalization and/or discrimination due to sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Following guidelines from the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH), our staff has come out in support of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for students looking to engage in gender affirming care. Additionally, we offer an LGBTQIA+ support group (free of charge), as well as a support group for LGBTQIA+ trauma survivors.


Students with Disabilities

The HCC is strongly committed to working with and supporting students with physical, emotional, and learning disabilities. We work closely with the Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP), the Disability Services Program (DSP), and other campus support programs in order to ensure students are getting the support they need.

The HCC is able to accommodate for different disabilities at our facility, or will provide appropriate referrals out if necessary. We offer support letters and have highly trained therapists who are able to diagnose, assess, and provide recommendations.

International Students

HCC Counseling Services is committed to serving the mental health needs of our international students. We have a culturally sensitive, aware, and highly trained staff that works closely with ISSS in order to provide support and resources to international students. We provide consultation and counseling in English and Spanish, as well as referrals to native speaking counselors outside DU. Additionally, international students have free access to the TELUS Health (MySSP) app, which connects you to professional counselors who can provide therapy in over 60 different languages.

We offer individual, couples, and group therapy for our international students who might be struggling with adjusting to life in the United States or having difficulty with immigration issues, homesickness, financial hardship, or navigating the American education system. All our services are confidential as required by law, and no information will be shared with anyone without your written consent.



Your experience as a student veteran offers unique challenges that can impact your educational success and attainment at DU. At the Health & Counseling Center, we understand you may encounter a multitude of changes in your life and your environment and we are here to help our student veterans succeed.

We offer a host of confidential counseling services to our student veterans. This can include individual, couples, or group counseling. If you are unsure about counseling or utilizing our services, feel free to drop in to our Let's Talk program offered at various locations and times around campus, including the Veteran's lounge in the Community Commons.


Mental Health Resources for Veterans in the Denver Area

  • VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System – 888-336-8262
  • The Sturm Center at The University of Denver – 303-871-7942
  • Denver Vet Center – 303-326-0645
  • Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Outreach Center – 866-966-1020
  • Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund – 888-331-3311

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