Coverage Abroad

Medical and mental health providers abroad typically do not bill American insurance companies. Students must pay out of pocket for services, and then submit the invoices to their insurance companies for reimbursement after returning to the United States.

It is critical for all travelers to thoroughly understand their health insurance coverage prior to traveling abroad. Although your health plan may provide excellent coverage in the United States, it may not provide that same degree of coverage when you leave the country. Fortunately, the University's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) offers excellent travel health coverage.

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Coverage Abroad

Students who purchase the University of Denver Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) are automatically enrolled in a comprehensive travel health plan. This plan includes 24-hour assistance, 365 days a year through Scholastic Emergency Services. It also covers medical evacuation if necessary.

Charges for covered services incurred in a country outside the United States are reimbursed by SHIP at 80 percent of the actual rate billed by the service providers. All other plan provisions, including deductibles, apply. More information on the Student Health Insurance Plan can be found at United Healthcare/Student Resources.

If you choose not to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan, it is critical for you to understand what coverage you do have, as many insurance policies will not cover you, or will limit what is covered, if you are sick or injured while abroad.

The following links may be helpful when deciding on coverage:

UnitedHealthcare Global Emergency Services

For students enrolled in the DU Student Health Insurance Plan, UnitedHealthcare Global facilitates emergency access to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and certain other services while traveling abroad or at least 100 miles from home. The program also provides emergency security and natural disaster assistance services to students traveling abroad. For international students, all medical, security, and natural disaster services are available only when outside of their home country.

For details, please consult the Global Emergency Services brochure, which includes service descriptions as well as program exclusions and limitations. All services must be arranged and provided by UnitedHealthcare Global; any services not arranged by UnitedHealthcare Global will not be considered for payment.