Reporting Options



The Center for Advocacy, Prevention, and Empowerment (CAPE) is a confidential resource at the University of Denver that can help you explore your options for reporting sexual assault, stalking, sexual harassment, or relationship violence. Speaking with a CAPE advocate does not obligate reporting anything to law enforcement or the University.

As a survivor, you have the right to report misconduct to law enforcement, the DU Title IX office, both, or neither. CAPE advocates can help you understand your reporting options and make the choice that's best for you. Speaking with a CAPE advocate is always 100% confidential; however, if you choose to file a report, it may trigger an investigation and cannot be kept confidential.


In Case of Emergency

If you or someone around you is in an emergency situation, don't hesitate to call 9-1-1, or Campus Safety at 303-871-3000 or ext. 1-3000, right away. For a non-emergency illness, injury, or mental health crisis, call the HCC Front Desk at 303-871-2205 — help is available 24/7.

Learn More

  • Reporting to the DU Office of Title IX

    The Office of Title IX is responsible for reviewing and investigating all reports of gender-based discrimination, harassment, and violence on campus, including sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. You have the right to meet with the University of Denver's Title IX Coordinator to obtain more information about the reporting and investigative process without initiating a formal investigation.

    • Associate Vice Chancellor for Equal Opportunity and Title IX/Title IX Coordinator, Emily Babb: 303-871-7016
    • Submit an online report to the DU Office of Title IX

    CAPE can provide support to survivors of interpersonal violence throughout the Title IX process. To learn more about reporting to Title IX, or to seek support in reporting, contact CAPE at 303-871-3853 or

    DU Campus Safety is available to take an official report 24/7 at 303-871-3000. It will then be passed along to the University Title IX office.

    University Title IX investigations are different from law enforcement investigations. You can choose to report only to Title IX, only to law enforcement, to both, or to neither.

  • Reporting to Law Enforcement

    CAPE advocates can talk with you confidentially about all of your options for reporting to the Denver Police Department. If you decide to file a report, your CAPE advocate can join you on phone calls or accompany you while reporting in person. There are many avenues to report to local law enforcement, including:

    1. Call 9-1-1
    2. Medical Forensic Exams (MFE) – You can present to the Health & Counseling Center during business hours, Denver Health, or Porter Adventist Hospital to request a MFE/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) forensic exam. You have the right to have a confidential advocate present with you during the MFE/SANE exam. CAPE can attend during business hours with you at the HCC or the hospitals. If you present to Denver Health or Porter, an advocate from Blue Bench will be called to offer support.

      The hospital will give you the option to contact the Denver Police Department; however, even when DPD is called, the survivor has the right to remain anonymous and not file an official report at that time. If evidence is collected by a MFE/SANE forensic exam, the survivor has up to two years to make a decision about whether they wish to file an official police report.

      For information about the MFE/SANE process and preserving evidence for a MFE/SANE forensic exam, click here. You can also contact CAPE at 303-871-3853 during business hours, or the After-Hours Counselor on Call at 303-871-2205 for more information and to talk about options/support.
    3. Call the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000 and ask to make a report.
    4. Present to a Denver Police station to make a report in person. The District Three Station is located near DU's campus at 1625 S. University Blvd.
    5. Contact Campus Safety at 303-871-3000 and they can assist you in connecting with DPD to make a report.

    Law enforcement investigations are different from University Title IX investigations. You can choose to report only to law enforcement, only to Title IX, to both, or to neither.