Collegiate Recovery Program

If you are a student in recovery and want to make friends and engage in sober events, join the University of Denver Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP). As DU strives to promote inclusive and academic excellence, the CRC will continue to do its part by contributing comprehensive services to students in recovery. 

  • Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) meetings
  • one-on-one recovery coaching meetings
  • 24/7 access to the Center for Collegiate Recovery (CCR)

The DU CR  offers alcohol and drug-free social events, support meetings, peer ambassadors, and educational seminars and scholarships. We work to foster a supportive environment within the campus culture that reinforces the decision to pursue sobriety. It is designed to provide academic excellence alongside recovery support to ensure that students do not have to sacrifice one for the other.

For more information about joining the CRP and how to attend all recovery meetings, contact 303-871-3699 or

Recovery Support

We offer a variety of options for recovery support, including:

  • Recovery coaching
  • Collegiate Recovery Community meetings
  • Twelve-step program meetings*
  • On-campus "cottage" for Collegiate Recovery Community members
  • Recovery Housing
  • Trainings and presentations
  • Scholarships funds
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Recovery yoga
  • Relapse Prevention 
  • On-campus AOD counselor

*Non-DU 12-step fellowship groups host meetings at the "Cottage."

CRP Signature Events

The DU CRP facilitates numerous events for members, including:

  • Pre-Orientation Program
  • Ski trips
  • Spring Break trips
  • Sober tailgates
  • Recovery milestone celebrations
  • Community garden
  • Study abroad
  • Outdoor adventure
  • National Recovery Day
  • Recovery Month
  • CRC Graduation Celebration

Join the CRP

The DU Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) provides a peer-driven community of support for students in recovery from substance use disorders. The Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) seeks to support and protect students' long-term recovery through peer support and sober activities. The CRP also provides recovery coaching, academic guidance, health and wellness activities, leadership development, and service opportunities.

The CRC accepts and encourages open participation from all DU students and alumni. To receive recovery support services, contact 


  • 24-hour access to the on-campus Center for Collegiate Recovery (CCR) for studying and socializing
  • Access to recovery coaching, peer support, and recovery meetings
  • You may qualify for priority registration
  • Opportunity to participate in recovery-focused therapy groups (e.g., relapse-prevention), train-the-trainer, and service work
  • Eligibility for scholarships
  • Eligibility for on-campus recovery housing



Join Today!

If you are interested in joining the Collegiate Recovery Program, contact 303-871-3699 or

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Weekly Meeting Schedule

Collegiate Recovery Community Meetings

Contact or call 303-871-3699 for meeting location, times, and Zoom links for hybrid meetings.

Students for Recovery (SFR) Student Organization Meeting

  • Call 303-871-3699 for meeting dates and times.

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