Workshops & Event Support

HCC Outreach

The Health & Counseling Center offers outreach to the DU community through a variety of programs and event support, including:

  • Trainings and workshops for groups
  • Participating in your upcoming event (e.g., tabling at a fair)
  • Event support (e.g., counselors or advocates who can support students who may become activated due to topics covered at an event)
  • Interviews with staff to inform a class project or initiative

Programs can be customized to fit audience interests or needs, and additional topics can be addressed upon request.

Request HCC Outreach

  • Individuals seeking mental health support should call us at 303-871-2205.


  • If you require counselor support and/or facilitation for groups in response to a critical incident, please contact Dr. Alice Franks.


  • If you require CAPE support and/or facilitation in response to a critical incident (individuals or groups), please contact CAPE at 303-871-3853.


  • For life-threatening emergencies, dial 911 or call Campus Safety at 303-871-3000.

Schedule an HCC event or add us to your existing group program! (Two weeks advance notice required.)

Request Outreach

Our Trainings & Workshops

The following list provides an overview of the main program topics we have ready-to-go presentations to cover. They can be combined and tailored to fit your group's specific needs. Interested in covering a topic you don't see listed here? Let us know! We'll work with you to set up the best possible program for your group.

Use the link above to request for your group. (Again, to help with scheduling, please request at least two weeks in advance.)

  • Health & Counseling Center Overview

    If you are looking for an overview of what the HCC can offer students, we are happy to address those questions. Members of our administrative team have ample experience presenting on services we offer such as the Student Health Insurance Plan, the Health & Counseling Fee, financial support options, and help navigating all things HCC.

  • Medical Services

    The HCC Medical team is available to speak on a variety of medical topics to your residence hall, classroom, sorority/fraternity, or student group. We have board certified medical providers with broad knowledge of issues relevant to DU students including STIs, contraceptive options, LGBTQ+ health concerns, travel health, vaccinations, and various other medical and mental health issues. Presentations/workshops can be customized to fit audience interests or needs, and additional topics can be addressed upon request.

  • Counseling Services

    If you require counselor support and/or facilitation for a group in response to a critical incident please contact Dr. Alice Franks. Individuals seeking support should call us at 303-871-2205.

    The HCC Counseling Services staff is available to speak on a variety of mental health related topics to your residence halls, classrooms, student groups, athletic teams, and other campus departments. We have licensed psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, and supervised counselors in training with broad knowledge of mental health-related issues relevant to DU community members. These include topics such as suicide prevention, body image and eating disorders, adjustment issues, issues concerning students of marginalized identities (e.g, LGBTQ+, international students, students of color) mood issues, substance use concerns and other mental health concerns. Outreach can be customized to fit audience requests and needs. Additional topics can be addressed upon request.

  • Navigating Life in the United States as an International Student

    60 minutes

    Life in the United States as an international student can be challenging, and it can be overwhelming to understand social norms and get accustomed to life outside of your country. This interactive workshop is geared toward helping international students at DU navigate life in the United States by normalizing and sharing experiences, and helping students understand day-to-day life interactions with other people, on and off campus.

  • Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

    90 minutes

    Have you ever found yourself advocating for another person to commit to a positive change in their life only to find they argue against it? Alternatively, you may have decided to help by acting as a supportive listener but the person in-need seems to just talk themselves into the very behavior that's ultimately harming them. In this workshop you'll be introduced to a style of conversation that's in the "middle ground" between these two alternatives and which research has demonstrated to be highly effective in producing lasting behavioral change. A key assumption behind this approach is that people are more likely to be persuaded by what they hear themselves say than compelling arguments made by others. If you would like refine your ability to elicit such "change talk" then please join us!

  • Stress & Mental Health

    Mental Health Toolkit

    60–90 minutes

    Mental health is a growing concern at DU and college campuses across the country. In this workshop, students are introduced to mental health, well-being, and the ways that stress impacts the mind and body. We explore various self-care and community-care strategies students can utilize to promote positive mental health and manage stress. Students will create personalized self-care and community-care plans, and learn about campus resources and when to reach out for help.

    Campus Connect

    90–180 minutes

    Designed specifically for a college/university community, Campus Connect is an experiential training focused on enhancing gatekeepers' knowledge, awareness, and skills concerning college student suicide. Beyond increasing gatekeepers' knowledge about students in a suicidal crisis, emphasis is placed on developing emphatic listening skills, communication skills, and the ability to compassionately and directly ask students about their suicidal thoughts.

    For Fraternities & Sororities: FS-Well

    Developed in partnership with Fraternity & Sorority Life, FS-Well is an interactive program required as part of each chapter's New Member Education (NME) process. FS-Well covers high-risk alcohol and drug use, active bystander techniques, information about harm reduction and medical amnesty, and fosters the development of group culture and support for new fraternity and sorority members.

  • Sexual Health

    Sexual Health Trivia

    90 minutes

    In this interactive workshop, participants can compete in teams to answer a variety of sexual health questions. Our trivia workshop covers topics such as anatomy, STIs, birth control/contraception, sex positivity, transgender health, and much more! Request this workshop for your group or organization to become a "sexpert" and test your sexual health knowledge in a fun and educational way!

    Taking Care of Your Sexual Health

    60–75 min

    Let's embrace the awkward and have an open conversation about sex and sexual health! This interactive workshop covers an overview of sexual health topics, inclusive sex education, communication, and sexual self-care. This is the time to talk through those sexual health questions you've always wanted to ask in a non-judgmental and sex-positive setting.

  • CAPE/Gender Violence

    If you require CAPE support and/or facilitation in response to a critical incident, please contact CAPE at 303-871-3853.

    The HCC's Center for Advocacy, Prevention, and Empowerment (CAPE) provides free and confidential advocacy and support to anyone impacted by gender-based violence — sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and harassment. CAPE advocates are available to speak to residence halls, classrooms, student groups, fraternities/sororities, athletic teams, and other campus departments on topics around responding to gender based violence and support for survivors. Outreach can be customized to fit audience requests and needs.

    DTR: Define the Relationship

    60 minutes

    Hookup culture, monogamy, boundaries — oh MY! Explore romantic relationships in college, from how we define them to how we communicate within and about them.

    Pizza and Fries

    60 minutes

    Dive into the topic of consent! What does it mean? How does it feel? Why can it be so hard to talk about? Come for the food metaphors; stay for the education and stimulating discussion.

    Thank U, Next

    60 minutes

    Too little, too late? Leave! Get out! JoJo walked so Ariana could run. Join us for activities and conversation around breakups, red flags, deal-breakers, healthy relationships, and self-care.

    Swipe Right

    60 minutes

    Let's talk tech in a workshop on the impact of apps on relationships — the ones we have with others and with ourselves. Soapbox provided. BYO opinions.

    Intervene: DU

    75 minutes

    Learn how to take action in harmful or risky situations. Intervene: DU includes a video and discussion about topics relevant to DU students, and how they can be active bystanders in situations including high risk alcohol and other drug use, mental and emotional health, hazing, racial bias, and gender violence. This workshop is recommended as an introduction to active bystander intervention.

    What's Under the Umbrella

    60 minutes

    You may have heard the term "gender violence" to describe behaviors like dating abuse, sexual assault, stalking, and sexual harassment. What does it even mean? In this workshop, we'll help one another define what falls under the gender violence umbrella and unpack how behaviors can escalate from low-risk to outright violent. We'll also talk about how we can support friends and peers who may have been impacted by gender violence.

    Support a Survivor

    90 minutes

    When someone you know and care about is hurt, it can be challenging to know how to respond in the moment. This training will give you information on how to best support a survivor's healing and connect them with resources.

    Trauma-Informed Leadership

    60–90 minutes

    Based on data from DU's Climate Surveys, we know that many students at our events and in our organizations likely identify as survivors of gender-based violence. Are your teams, programs, and organizations inclusive and supportive of these students? Utilizing components of trauma-informed care, the Trauma-Informed Leadership training is adapted to the DU setting and promotes the awareness and skills necessary to understand the impact of trauma, how to support a survivor, and how you can make your programs, teams, and organizations more inclusive for people with a trauma survivor identity. This program can be adapted to suit your audience (students, staff, faculty, etc).

  • Alcohol & Other Drugs

    Alcohol Misuse & Prevention Workshop

    60 minutes

    Whether you choose to drink alcohol or not, it is important to know campus policy and what action you can take to make sure you and your community are safe. This discussion-based workshop hosted by Campus Safety and Health Promotion will cover how alcohol affects the body and share safer drinking strategies, alcohol misuse policies, and what happens when someone calls for help.

    Bartending School

    90 minutes

    Let's test your bartending skills and knowledge! This interactive workshop will cover how alcohol affects the body and mind, myths about alcohol, pouring standard drink sizes, and ways to prevent alcohol poisoning and intervene in potentially harmful situations. Participants will also learn that more is not necessarily better and discuss safer strategies to reduce risk when drinking.

    Alcohol MythBusters

    60 minutes

    Want to learn more about alcohol myths and facts? Request this fun Jeopardy! style team activity for your group! Our facilitators will myth-bust common assumptions about alcohol and review safer drinking strategies and resources along the way.

  • Collegiate Recovery Program

    Collegiate Recovery Program: What Is It?

    30 minutes

    Participants interested in becoming supportive and supported members of our DU community recovering from alcohol and other substances are encouraged to register for this Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) training. The CRP is designed to ensure that no one has to sacrifice academic excellence or a social belonging for their recovery. Through the CRP, DU provides a social and study space for those in recovery and those whose lives have been affected by substance use and behavioral disorders.

    Through this interactive workshop, participants will learn:

    • The prevalence and complexities of recovery
    • Why there is a need for the Collegiate Recovery Program
    • What services the Collegiate Recovery Program provides
    • How to support the Collegiate Recovery Program as a member of the DU campus

    Opioid Overdose Response Training (Narcan)

    60 minutes

    Attendees of Opioid Overdose Response Training will learn how to identify an overdose emergency, how to obtain and utilize Narcan (naloxone HCl), gain insight regarding the Good Samaritan Law, and prepare for aftercare once someone is brought out of an overdose. Each training is scheduled for one hour.

    Recovery Ally Training: Recovery Spoken Here

    60–90 minutes

    This training provides awareness and skills to better support those in recovery from, or experiencing, substance use disorders. Additionally, attendees will learn how to utilize the Collegiate Recovery Program.