Healthy Masculinities

The Coalition for Authentic Masculinities Promotion (CAMP) is an initiative within Health Promotion that provides opportunities for students to explore their understanding of masculinity. By providing space for education, reflection, community, and leadership CAMP aims to support students in critically examining issues of masculinity, gender roles, and how it has shaped systems and structures in our community. 

  • Reflection & Education
    • The DU Masculinities Project
      • The DU Masculinities Project, presented by The Coalition for Authentic Masculinities Promotion (CAMP), is a six- week workshop series that allows participants to examine topics of mental health, healthy relationships, emotional awareness, and equity through the lens of healthy masculinities.. Upon completing the workshop series, students will leave with a plan for how to promote healthy masculinities within their club, organization, team, or other communities that they are a part of. 
      • Faculty & Staff: Nominate a student to be a part of an upcoming cohort!
    • Workshops & Trainings
      • If your club, organization, class, or department is interested in participating in a training, you can request one via the HCC Outreach Request Form or email Justin Stoeckle
      • Workshops from CAMP can cover topics such as:
        • Deconstructing Messages of Masculinity
        • Emotional Awareness
        • Healthy Relationships
      • If there isn't a topic that meets the needs of your group, a custom training can be created!
  • Community

    CAMP also offers opportunities for students to come together in community to discuss current issues that are impacting them. These opportunities come in the form of dialogue spaces, social events, outdoor opportunities, and more. 

    • CAMP Talks
      • CAMP Talks are dialogue spaces where all students are welcome to come and talk about masculinity and how it intersects with issues facing students today such as:
        • Mental Health
        • Social Media 
        • Television and film
        • Body image
      • Check out Crimson Connect for the upcoming quarters CAMP Talks schedule
  • Educational Resources

    There are a number of books, articles, and videos that highlight the need the importance of promoting healthy masculinities to increase the wellbeing of men/masculine identifying people. Below are some of the materials that help inform the work that CAMP does: