SHIP Waiver

All students registered for one or more hours of graded, on-campus coursework at the University of Denver are required to carry health insurance coverage. Therefore, all students are required to participate in the DU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) unless they provide proof of adequate alternate health insurance and submit a SHIP waiver. The waiver is only available to students registered for the minimum graded credit hours (one for quarter and law students). It may only be filed online, and must be processed prior to the waiver deadline in order to decline SHIP coverage. See below for further details.

Adequate Alternate Coverage

Adequate alternate coverage may vary depending on individual circumstances. The following guidelines are based on minimum requirements of student health insurance plans under health care law, American College Health Association Standards for Student Health Insurance Plans, benchmarked subsidized plans available in the health insurance marketplace, and our experience in serving DU students.

Benefits provided by DU's comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) exceed the minimum requirements for student health insurance plans under health care law.

  • Covers care in Colorado while attending DU.
  • Affordable co-pays and deductibles.
  • Adequate mental health coverage.
  • Coverage for students both at home and abroad.
  • Waiver Instructions

    Be sure to have your alternate coverage information handy, as you will be required to submit your insurance plan details for verification.

    First, sign in to PioneerWeb and navigate to the Student tab.

    Next, click on Registration Tools and select Accept/Waive Health Insurance and Fee.

    You will then be asked to affirm the following five questions:

    1. Does your current health insurance plan meet ACA requirements?
    2. Does your current health insurance plan have a deductible amount or co-payment that you can afford to pay?
    3. Does your current health insurance plan have adequate mental health coverage?
    4. Will your current health insurance plan cover all the services you may need while you are in Denver, Colorado, anywhere in the US or abroad?
    5. Will your current health insurance plan be effective for the full academic year?

    You must then provide the following information about your insurance plan:

    • Insurance policy holder name
    • Insurance policy holder ID number
    • Insurance policy group number ID
    • Effective dates of insurance coverage
    • Insurance company name
    • Insurance company address
    • Insurance company telephone number

    The student will receive email communications as the waiver request is being processed.


  • Make a Mistake?

    If you waived or accepted SHIP or the Health and Counseling Fee (HCF) by mistake, please contact the Bursar's office before the enrollment deadline at 303-871-4944. When coverage is waived for the entire academic year instead of for each six-month coverage period, only an involuntary loss of coverage will permit the student to redact the waiver.