DU Masculinities Project

The DU Masculinities Project, presented by The Coalition for Authentic Masculinities Promotion (CAMP), is a six- week workshop series that allows participants to examine topics of mental health, healthy relationships, emotional awareness, and equity through the lens of healthy masculinities. In this workshop, participants will: 

  • Reflect and explore their understandings of masculinity 

  • Build community and friendship with fellow cohort members 

  • Develop the knowledge and skills to be an agent of change on campus and beyond 

"Being able to talk in an open space about subjects that are otherwise ignored was something I didn't previously give thought to, but after participating in the DU Masculinities Project, it made me realize the importance of conversation for topics such as healthy masculinity." -Emerson Linscott, 2024 Winter Quarter Cohort participant
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"Working through the complexities of masculinity in the modern world with a like-minded group has helped me redefine what being masculine means for me. Learning how to separate myself from the restrictive ideas of ‘toxic’ masculinity have helped me be more vulnerable and open about issues I thought others couldn’t understand." -Zach Headley, 2024 Winter Quarter Cohort participant

Program Overview

Defining Masculinities

  • Students will be able to define hegemonic masculinity 

  • Students will be able to name the different messages of masculinity that they have received. 

Masculinities and Vulnerability

  • Students will be able to understand the connection between vulnerability and healthy masculinities 

Mental Health and Masculinities

  • Students will gain an increased awareness of their emotions and how they impact thoughts and behaviors 

  • Students will develop the skills and techniques for starting a conversation with other men about mental health 

Masculinities and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Students will understand how their intersecting identities have helped shape their understanding of masculinity
  • Students will understand the role that promoting healthy masculinity has in creating a more equitable and inclusive campus community

Healthy Relationships and Masculinities

  • Students will be able to define the components of a healthy relationship and the harm that is caused by rigid gender roles 

  • Students will know how to intervene when they see signs of an unhealthy relationship 

Action Plan

Participants will create a plan of action for how they want to apply what they have learned throughout the workshop series. Each participant will create three goals and with the option of seeking advising support from the AD of Prevention and Masculinities Engagement about how best to achieve them