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Welcome to the Spiritual Storytelling project @ DU! The project aims to help more DU students, staff, and faculty have more opportunities to express themselves and feel supported around religious and spiritual identities. Let's learn more about our neighbors, one tradition at a time!

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Ramadan 2024

Ahmed Hussein (4th year student & Pres. of MSA)

"Ramadan is my favorite time of the year. I spend the 6 months before it praying that I live to see it, and once it’s over I spend the next 6 months praying that my fasting and worship is accepted. Would you be smiling after not having food or water for 14 hours+? One of the best memories I have of Ramadan is eating with family and friends. The smiles on everyone’s faces become more beautiful when you realize they’re forming from a place of reflection and gratitude. Everyone at the dinner table is reflecting on how they just spent an entire day doing something only for the sake of Allah, and they’re grateful to have a couple bites and feel full—as if they had been full all day. And at the end of it they say “It wasn’t even bad!”

Bahdon Abar (1st year grad student in business analytics)

"Ramadan is a time of spiritual reconnection, of self discipline, of happiness and opportunity to achieve taqwa, the Arabic word for “consciousness of God”. All the fatigue, the thirst, the hunger, the sleepless nights, is so worth it because the reward is indescribable - you just have to feel it for yourself." 

Maryam Nazem (Grad student, Mechanical and Material Engineering)

"Ramadan is the time that I want to concentrate on my spiritual healing, Enforce my determination and concentrate on becoming a better version of myself. It is so important to be aware of what I want to say or think and try to control myself even if it is hard for being hungry or thirsty. Although I knew that being hungry or especially thirsty for this amount of time could have some bad affect of my body, for me the thing that I could achieve for my mind health is much more important."

Tamara Elmasri (parent of DU student and DU alum)

"I came with my daughter who is a freshman at DU and a first generation immigrant. It meant a lot to us to see this Ramadan Iftar being held at DU, we felt as our religion was included and celebrated among others that celebrated Ramadan and others that dint celebrate it. It was heart warming to see the inclusiveness of everyone in this event, to hear the Athan, see the prayers being held, then organizer of event including everyone in their greetings & guiding everyone on what to do with much love .We absolutely loved the decorations, the food, Photo Booth and hearing the Athan prayer specifically within the campus building. Thank you for this heartwarming event 🙏"

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