• Business Operations & Division Resources

    Resourcing SAIE

    Business Operations & Divison Resources (BODR) is the central SAIE budget and resource office. Located in Driscoll Commons and serving all 25 SAIE units, BODR is guided by the below mission and values.

    Mission Statement:  To create partnerships that empower, educate, and support student and staff stakeholders, by providing resources and services that support the mission of Student Affairs and Inclusive Excellence.

    Team Values:

    •  Educate
    •  Integrity
    •  Partnership
    •  Service
    •  Stewardship


  • Center for Advocacy, Prevention & Empowerment (CAPE)

    Supporting Survivors

    CAPE supports survivor healing by providing advocacy and support for survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment.

  • Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP)

    Hope - Compassion - Reflection - Service - Purpose - Community

    DU's Collegiate Recovery Program offers a community lounge, alcohol and drug-free social events, support meetings, peer mentoring and educational seminars and events. CRP reinforces the decision to pursue sobriety, and is designed to promote academic excellence alongside recovery support to ensure that students do not have to sacrifice one for the other.

  • Community Commons

    The New Heart of Campus

    The newly-opened Community Commons sits at the heart of the DU campus, providing centralized dining services, event spaces, lounges for both students and faculty, and numerous other services for our community.

  • Counseling Services

    Confidential, Professional Mental Health Support

    If you are experiencing a situational problem, a crisis or have long-standing mental health concerns, we are here to help. Our professional staff includes licensed psychologists and licensed social workers, as well as supervised graduate student staff from both of these disciplines. Our services are all confidential and no information is released to anyone without your written consent except in the case of a life-threatening emergency, or when it is otherwise required by law.

  • The Cultural Center

    Celebrating Difference & Building Community

    The Cultural Center works to to foster a campus community committed to centering, preserving, and promoting the historical, cultural, intellectual and social movement traditions of the affinity groups we support at the University of Denver, and throughout the world.

  • FIRST @ DU

    Support & Guidance for Underrepresented Students

    FIRST @ DU provides support for pathway program, first-generation, minoritized and other underrepresented students through:

    • community activities
    • mentorship
    • academic success workshops
    • leadership development
    • resource referrals
    • scholarship support

    From years-long support programs to one-time workshops, Access & Transitions offers tons of services to help you get the most from your DU experience.

  • Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL)

    Building Lifelong Relationships

    Fraternity & Sorority Life at DU works to promote opportunities for lifelong friendship, leadership development, scholarship enhancement and social interaction.

  • Health & Counseling Center

    Promoting Well-Being Throughout the DU Community

    DU's Health & Counseling Center (HCC) is an integrated health and counseling center that works to enhance student well-being through inclusive physical and mental healthcare, education, advocacy and recovery support services. The HCC is every eligible student's home for health and well-being during their time at DU. 

  • Health Promotion

    Thrive at DU

    Health Promotion envisions a future where every member of the DU community will have the opportunity to learn, connect and thrive in a supportive campus community. They work to accomplish this through education, engagement and sociocultural change.

  • Housing & Residential Education

    Campus-Wide Community

    DU Housing & Residential Education works to make residential life a positive, meaningful experience from which each of our students can grow and learn.

  • Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP)

    Embracing Neurodiversity

    The Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) provides individualized support for neurodiverse learners with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), students on the Autism Spectrum and students who have a history of learning differences.

  • Medical Services

    Flexible, Quality Care

    DU and our Health & Counseling Center offer an extensive roster of professionally administered medical services, including urgent care, immunizations, lab tests, travel health, women's health and more.

  • New Student & Family Programs

    Easing the Transition

    New Student and Family Programs is committed to the successful transition of new students and families into the DU community. They support this mission by providing inclusive, holistic programming designed to help students succeed, meet their goals, and develop meaningful connections with other students and families.

  • Social Justice Education (SJE)

    Informed. Engaged. Impactful.

    Formerly, Inclusion & Equity Education, SJE provides students with information, skills, and opportunities for constructive engagement across difference through workshops, events and online resources.

  • Spiritual Life

    Developing and exploring lives of purpose

    As part of its 4D framework, DU supports students in developing and exploring lives of purpose—including spiritual purpose. And we define spiritual purpose broadly. This includes a wide range of existential explorations, mindful meaning-making, authentic and ethical pathfinding, spiritual and religious identities and expressions, religious pluralism, and interfaith/interreligious bridge-building. 

  • Student Activities & Leadership

    Building Relationships and Deepening Experiences

    We believe in unleashing students' potential to lead and impact the world by providing all University of Denver students a co-curricular experience which empowers them to explore, connect, and grow.

  • Student Disability Services (SDS)

    Accommodations, Support & More

    SDS is dedicated to giving students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in the University’s programs, courses and activities, and provides accommodations at no cost to any student who has a documented disability. Accommodations include:

    • Test accommodations (examples: extended time, minimal distraction)
    • Alternate format texts & materials
    • Course substitutions
    • Classroom changes
    • Audio recording of lectures
    • Required meal-plans
    • Early registration
    • Notetakers
    • Sign language/oral interpreters
    • Speech-to-Text services
    • Referrals to other services and programs
  • Student Outreach & Support (SOS)

    Make the Most of Life at DU

    Student Outreach & Support (SOS) helps students succeed by connecting them to resources, developing plans of action to meet their goals, and helping navigate challenging situations. The SOS staff creates an inclusive and welcoming environment for students to develop skills in self-awareness, self-advocacy, resilience and navigation that will serve them throughout their educational experience.

  • Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR)

    Upholding the Honor Code

    Student Rights & Responsibilities supports the University's mission and strives to achieve a safe campus community by upholding the Honor Code and providing programs and services designed to foster an inclusive campus community and promote opportunities for holistic student living, learning, and growth.

  • Veterans & Military Resources

    Veterans & Military Resources

    Veterans & Military Resources vision and mission is to support our Veterans through exceptional programming. Veterans & Military Resources supports all levels of Student Veterans attending the University of Denver, starting with the admissions process and extending through Alumni Relations.