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Our newsletters help you stay connected to the DU community and informed about upcoming events and programs. You'll find a variety of announcements, events and opportunities showcased, as well as chances to learn about the accomplishments of your colleagues and fellow DU community members.

  • The PULSE is our undergraduate student newsletter, sent out every Wednesday to all current undergraduate students with DU e-mail accounts.
  • The GRAD is our graduate student newsletter, sent out every other Thursday to all current graduate students with DU e-mail accounts.

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Submission Guidelines

The deadline for submissions to either newsletter is 4:30 p.m. on Monday, the week of publication.

The content of both The Pulse and The Grad is subject to the University’s general rules of conduct. The office of Student Affairs & Inclusive Excellence (SAIE) reserves the right to review and edit all submitted material for audience appropriateness. Submissions are subject to prioritization based on time sensitivity, relevancy, breadth of interest to students and available publishing space.

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