Projects and Events

From existential exploring to creative crafting to learning more about your neighbor's holiday traditions--check out some ways to get involved!


Interested in any of the ideas below? Have other ideas you'd like to pitch? Email Dr. Sarah Pessin, Director of Spiritual Life |

  • Ramadan Resources

    Please visit the website here.

  • Spiritual Supper Club

    Spiritual Supper Club

    Spiritual Supper Club combines fun with free food and learning more about one another's spiritual hopes, expressions, aspirations, customs, cultures, etc.

    Plus, we try to incorporate some holiday foods from the season or other spiritual/religious related cuisines!

    Everyone is welcome--from existential explorers to spiritual seekers to religious neighbors. 

  • Spiritual Storytelling

    Spiritual Storytelling

    Help us start a campus-wide 'Spiritual Storytelling' project made up of fun interview questions to help us ge to know another a bit better.

    You can be interviewed for it. You can help us interview others. And you can help us plan where to share the stories with our community!

  • Reflection + Music Walks

    Reflection + Music Walks

    Want to go on a night walk to clear your head? We'll gather at an appointed time and place on campus and we'll invite people to set their headphones to whatever is most inspiring--from your favorite tunes, to deep sea sounds, to a book on tape, to silence! (We'll end with some hot tea and cocoa, and we'll share the playlist around!)

  • Holiday Hellos Team

    Holiday Hellos Team

    Help us research and create fact sheets to help more of us know more about our neighbors' religious holidays and customs!


  • 'Hints of Hope' Geotag Game

    'Hints of Hope' Geotag Game

    Help us create and play a new 'Hints of Hope' game on campus where we hide and find messages of hope, compassion, and kindness.

    You can help us create 3D printed characters and laser-printed 'hope quotes' to hide around campus. 

    And you can search--and encourage others to search!--for items with our geocache and Google Maps location tags.

  • Sewing, Making, Crafting

    Spirituality Sew-In

    Join us to make hand-made "Gratitude Placemats" and explore-then-express what mindful living and eating means to you! 

    "Goodbye Sad COVID Plastic" Art Project

    DU has a big pile of "sad COVID plastic" (those old plastic shields that we used to have in all the offices). Let's transform them into hope-themed mobiles (those cool art things that hang from the ceiling and swirl around-- like these!). Then, let's hang the around campus!

    Philosophy Paint-In

    Join Prof. Pessin for a 15ish minute "philosophy short" where you'll learn a new existential/ethical idea about life, the universe, and everything--and then let your painting creativity loose! (Other craft stuff will also be on hand in case you'd rather collage, doodle, or whatever!)

  • Spiritual Sip 'N Search (A Late Night Library Scavenger Hunt + Hot Cocoa!)

    Spiritual Sip-n-Search

    Sign up to increase your knowledge-base when it comes to spiritual and religious traditions and customs from a wide range of traditions.

    It'll include clues and prompts for 40ish minutes of searching for stuff in the library...

    Then, we'll share out our findings over hot chocolate and marshmallows!