Room Selection

Secure Your Room 

Rising second, third, fourth-year, and graduate students can apply for and self-select their housing. To be eligible to participate in our room selection process, students must meet our Housing Application deadlines. Students who do not meet these deadlines will be randomly assigned based on available spaces!

Submit Your Housing Application

You must first submit a housing application in your Housing Portal to participate in housing selection.

If you have any questions, email



Take time to review this step-by-step guide to applying for housing.

  • Step 1: Complete the Housing Application

    The first step you must take is to complete your housing application in your Housing Portal. You will not be able to process until we receive your Housing Application.

  • Step 2: Decide Who to Live With

    You can either apply as an individual or a group of people. If you don't want to select your room individually, consider grabbing some friends you want to room with and form a group! One person must be designated as the group leader to create a group. This individual will ultimately be responsible for selecting a housing assignment for the group.

    The group leader will also make a name for their group!

    Watch the video below for a demonstration of this step.

  • Step 3: Confirm Roommate Groups (if applicable)

    Group Leaders are responsible for confirming each member of their roommate group and ensuring that everyone has completed their Housing Application. They are able to do so in their Housing Portal. It's important to know that if an individual has not completed their Housing Application by the roommate group deadline, they will be removed from the group.

    Rooms are limited and are on first-come basis!

    We recognize that roommate groups of 4, 5, or 6 people may be created, but we will not be able to accommodate every group. To be transparent, we have:

    • 14 six-person units
    • 19 five-person units
    • 202 four-person units

    Groups will only be able to select rooms that they will completely occupy. For example, a four-person group will not be able to select a five or six-person unit. We recommend creating smaller sub-groups in case your option is no longer available when it's time for you to self-select.

    The following are breakdowns for each residential community:

    • Centennial Towers
      • 76 four-person suites
    • Nagel
      • 4 five-person apartments
      • 47 four-person suites
      • 24 four-person apartments
    • Nelson
      • 9 six-person suites
      • six-person apartments
      • 14 five-person suites
      • five-person apartment
      • 49 four-person suites
      • 6 four-person apartments
  • Step 4: Room Selection Date & Time

    All students eligible to participate in room selection will receive an email that confirms their room selection date and time. Group Leaders will receive this information for their group and will be responsible for using the Housing Portal to make a selection for their group.

    Watch the video below for a demonstration of this step.

  • Step 5: Select a Housing Assignment

    At their designated time, an individual or group leader can select a housing assignment through their Housing Portal. 

    If a student is unable to select a space, that means the assignment is no longer available. If that occurs, students are placed on a waitlist for a housing assignment. Students will be prioritized based on considering when they completed their housing application, with those who submitted earlier being placed first. Groups may not be able to be placed together if this occurs.

    Our team will notify students when a space becomes available and share a housing assignment as well as keep them updated on the status of their application.

Demonstration Videos!

Roommate Matching

Room Selection

Breaking Our Housing Contract

Students who have signed their Housing Contract but are no longer considering living on campus must submit their contract breakage request in their Housing Portal. Contract breakages may be subject to fees based on our Housing Contract.

Be mindful of the following dates and fees:

  • Breakages Approved by June 30
    $200 Cancellation Fee
  • Breakages Approved between July 1 and Check-In Day
    $200 Cancellation Fee and a $1,000 Breakage Fee.