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Enhancing Your Student Experience

To enhance your student experience, the University of Denver has a two-year live-on requirement. Rising second-, third-, fourth-year, and graudate students have the opportunity to apply for and self-select their housing. For more housing resources and to select your rooms, please go through your Housing Portal.

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Our Room Selection Process

Continuing and graduate students are able to participate in our room selection process, meaning they can pick their own room assignments. Make sure to visit Places to Live to see what housing options may be available to you!

  • Step 1: Decide Who You Want to Live With

    Grab some friends you would like to room with and form a group!

    You can either apply as an individual or apply as a group of people.

    Watch the video below for a Roommate Matching Demonstration

    Roommate Matching Video
  • Step 2: Confirm Group Details

    Select a Group Leader and a group name.

    Once you have chosen your team, we need some specifics. One member should be a Group Leader, and your group should have a name.

    2nd Year Communities (Nelson, Nagel, and Centennial Towers):

    We recognize that individuals create roommate groups of 4, 5, or 6 people and wanted to provide a breakdown of the number of spaces related to each location. Feedback was provided last year that this information would be helpful through the process. We currently have 14 - six person units, 19 - five person units, and 202 - four person units. See the breakdown below to plan accordingly for housing selection. Please note that if your group is interested in a five or six person unit that you must have a group to fill the entire unit. For example: we will not allow a five person roommate group to select a six person unit. We recommend creating smaller sub-groups in case all five or 6 person units have already been selected when your group's timeslot begins. 

    Centennial Towers: 76 four person suites (with kitchenettes)


    Unit Size




    5 person




    4 person





    Unit Size




    6 person




    5 person




    4 person






  • Step 3: Fill Out the Housing Application & Sign the Contract

    Complete your housing application in the Housing Portal.

    Group Leaders must log back into the Housing Portal to confirm the group once all members have completed their application.

  • Step 4: Group & Individual Selection Date Assigned

    Group Leaders and individuals without a group will receive an email with their room selection time.

    Once a time slot has been assigned, please go into the Housing Portal and make your room selection.

    Watch the video below for a Room Selection Demonstration

  • Step 5: Room Selection Days

    Group Leaders are responsible for selecting your space at your group's designated time. 

    This process is completed online. If you are unable to select a space, you will remain on the waitlist and will be prioritized based on your own application completion time/date. We will notify you when a space becomes available due to cancellations.

    Note: Students should visit or contact Housing & Residential Education for assistance.

  • Step 6: Cancellation Deadlines

    If you have signed the housing contract, you must submit the Contract Breakage Request Form in your Housing Portal to request to cancel it.

    Be mindful of the following deadlines:

    • June 30, 2023: After signing the housing contract, approved contract breakages up until this date will be responsible for a $200 Cancellation Fee.
    • July 1, 2023: until the day before your check-in date: approved contract breakages during this time will be responsible for a $200 Cancellation Fee a $1,000 Breakage Fee.

Still have questions about housing, room selection, or on-campus living?

Email Housing!

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