Our Residential Education Model

About Residential Education

Our mission at Housing & Residential Education (HRE) is to cultivate individuals & inclusive communities. Providing every individual with the programs, facilities, and opportunities to achieve academic success and growth as an individual is how we live our mission. Our mission would not be able to exist without incorporating our core values of Diversity & Social Justice, Sustainability, and Student and Staff Support & Development. These core values take many different shapes and forms including the inclusive environment we create for all members of the community, emphasizing education regarding sustainability and diversity, as well as our overarching support for professional development for both students and staff.

A 4-D Residential Experience

Our Residential Education Model (REM) aims to integrate the dimensions of the University of Denver’s 4D Experience into the learning goals & outcomes intentionally developed to guide how we facilitate our residential student experience. Our team’s approach includes passive & active education, community development, and social engagement.

Our Learning Goals & Outcomes