Introduce HRE’s (our) dedication to student and staff growth and development in our drive for an inclusive community. State that everything we do is tied to our mission, vision and four main values.

HRE Mission, Vission, & Values

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  • 96 RAs

    and 6 RDs work for Housing & Residential Education

  • 2,812

    students are currently in DU Housing

  • An average of 270

    HRE programs take place per year

  • 3-5 days

    to fulfill work order requests

  • 18%

    of students are specialty housing

Our Mission & How We Live It

Our mission at Housing & Residential Education is to cultivate individuals & inclusive communities. Providing every individual with the programs, facilities, and opportunities to achieve academic success and growth as an individual is how we live our mission. Our mission would not be able to exist without incorporating our core values of Diversity & Social Justice, Sustainability, and Student and Staff Support & Development. These core values take many different shapes and forms including the inclusive environment we create for all members of the community, emphasizing education regarding sustainability and diversity, as well as our overarching support for professional development for both students and staff.

Our Vision

Housing and Residential Education at the University of Denver will cultivate individuals and communities through creating and fostering growth-centered and educational living environments and outreach programs. We will embody dynamic change and innovation within our core values of Diversity and Social Justice, Sustainability, and Student and Staff support and development.

  • Diversity & Social Justice Vision:
    • Enriching social justice and diversity programming for students
    • Enhancing social justice and diversity training for all staff members
    • Creating and sustaining liaisons with other diversity groups on campus
  • Sustainability Vision
    • Developing and promoting greener residence hall facilities
    • Providing educational opportunities focusing on sustainability for residents and staff
    • Inspiring residents and staff to consciously make environmentally—and socially-responsible decisions
  • Student Support & Development Vision
    • Developing and enhancing innovative student programming opportunities
    • Increasing knowledge and impact of RHA and residence hall leadership teams
    • Performing proactive and educational student conduct meetings
  • Staff Support & Development Vision
    • Providing professional staff with the skills and confidence to excel in current and future positions
    • Advancing staff training in the areas of social justice, sustainability, campus relationships & dynamics, and positive organizational change
    • Expanding and improving the "Denver Placement Exchange"

Driven by Our Values

Student, Staff, Sustainability & Diversity at DU

Within HRE, we are guided by our core values that include prioritizing our commitment to DU students, staff, sustainability, & diversity. We strive to offer students a quality and meaningful experience and want students to value and grow from their residential experiences. We, as agents of change, will reduce our environmental impact through activism, empowerment, collaboration, and educational programming. In doing so, we view equality, diversity, and social justice as essential components of sustainability. the students and staff of HRE are committed to pursuing inclusive excellence and social justice through programming, dialogue, and actively embracing our individual and unique identities and differences as well as our commonalities. We acknowledge and embrace a diverse community comprised of students, faculty, staff, and others who we encounter in the course of our work, which is why HRE staff will be provided personal and professional growth, honoring each individual's unique needs, contributions, and journey.

More on Our Four Main Values

Everyone at Student Affairs is Here for You

One of the many benefits of HRE is that not only are we dedicated to your residential living experience, but we also are dedicated to the SAIE mission and growth of the DU community as a whole. Be assured that as a student at DU, we support you in all aspects of life and we'll be there to support you every step of the way. Here are some of the SAIE departments that you may call on during your time as a student.

  • Health & Counseling Center

    Prioritizing your mental and emotional health is essential to your overall well-being and your academic success. If needed, HCC is here to provide you with support including individual and group counseling to help manage stress and other issues as they may arise.

    HCC Information

  • Outreach & Support

    The safety, health, and well-being of all students is our top priority at DU. The Student Outreach & Support team exists to connect you with resources to help navigate challenging situations, as well as create a plan of action to meet your goals.

    How SOS is Here to Help

  • Disability Services Program

    The DSP staff is here to help support you with accommodation requests, implementation support, and general information. The DSP team is dedicated to helping you reach success in every aspect at DU.

    Details About DSP

  • Collegiate Recovery Center

    Every individual's recovery journey is uniquely personal. At the CRC, we provide an inclusive community where students in recovery have the opportunity to connect, make friends, and engage in sober events.

    Explore the CRC Community