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Cultivating Individuals and Inclusive Communities

Our mission at Housing & Residential Education (HRE) is to cultivate individuals & inclusive communities. Our team envisions providing every resident with the programs, facilities, and opportunities that contribute to academic success and growth. Our team is guided by core values of Diversity & Social Justice, Sustainability, Student Support & Development, and Staff Support & Development. These core values take many different shapes and forms, including the inclusive environment we strive to create for all members of the residential and DU community. We emphasize education that centers on sustainability and diversity, and we aim to embody those values in our overarching support for student and staff professional development.


Cultivating Individuals and Inclusive Communities


Housing and Residential Education at the University of Denver will cultivate individuals and communities by creating and fostering growth-centered and educational living environments and outreach programs. We will embody dynamic change and innovation within our core values of Diversity and Social Justice, Sustainability, and Student and Staff support and development.

Driven by Core Values

The core values of DU's Housing & Residential Education (HRE) team serve as our guiding principles. We wholeheartedly welcome the diverse community of students, faculty, and staff within DU and those we engage with in our work. Our dedication to fostering diverse communities is rooted in fair, holistic, and sustainable practices. These practices aim to offer our residents and team members a high-quality and meaningful living, learning, and collaborative environment. Through these experiences, we strive for inclusive excellence by organizing events and discussions, fully embracing the distinct and mutual aspects of our identities and perspectives.

  • Diversity & Social Justice

    HRE firmly believes that the vitality of residential communities is enhanced when celebrating diversity among our residents and staff is a fundamental principle. Our dedication lies in the pursuit of inclusive excellence and social justice. We accomplish this through educational efforts, open discussions, immersive experiences, and a proactive embrace of the distinct and common backgrounds and identities that both our students and staff members contribute. We cultivate an environment where our students can live with a sense of diversity, and our staff can work while respecting the value of every voice and upholding the dignity of all individuals. We are strong advocates of the idea that understanding requires active practice, accomplished by:

    • Enhancing student diversity programs to foster belonging.
    • Training equitable, justice-oriented staff.
    • Fostering inclusive partnerships on campus.


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  • Sustainability

    HRE is committed to upholding our responsibility of prioritizing a sustainable environment by promoting socially and economically responsible practices. We achieve this through educational initiatives, empowerment efforts, collaborative endeavors, and proactive activism. Our dedication is directed toward fulfilling the needs of current and upcoming generations and helping create a thriving future for all. We actively involve our residents and staff in adopting sustainable practices and assuming leadership roles in responsible stewardship as global citizens working towards the greater good, accomplished by:

    • Promoting eco-friendly residence facilities.
    • Teaching and adopting sustainable practices.
    • Encouraging environmentally conscious decisions by residents and staff.


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  • Student Care & Development

    HRE's central belief revolves around the significance of students in our mission. We aim to actively nurture a collaborative and compassionate environment where students lead. Our primary aim is to give students a valuable and meaningful residential journey that contributes to their growth and holds personal significance. Through a blend of educational and social initiatives, we expose our residents to fresh prospects, challenges, individuals, and concepts that augment their educational journey beyond the classroom. We promote student-led organizations centered around students' needs, allowing all residents to assume leadership roles within their communities. Furthermore, we are dedicated to being responsive to students' needs by connecting them with resources that aid them in navigating their experiences, accomplished by:

    • Boosting innovative student programs.
    • Promoting engagement via hall councils and leadership roles.
    • Providing proactive support during challenges or reflections.


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  • Staff Support & Development

    HRE believes that our duty is to foster and ignite continuous learning and growth in individuals who will serve as leaders and catalysts for change, propelling our residential communities toward their utmost potential. Our commitment lies in furnishing comprehensive training and resources for the personal and professional development of our students, graduate students, and staff members. These offerings are designed to acknowledge every individual's distinct needs, contributions, and paths. We construct opportunities to enhance skills vital for each member's success, aligning with the valued traditions of the Division of Student Affairs & Inclusive Excellence and the University of Denver, accomplished by:

    • Empowering team for present and future success.
    • Offering training in social justice, sustainability, campus dynamics, and organizational change.
    • Expanding personal and professional networks within and beyond DU.


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Cultivating Individuals & Inclusive Communities

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