Winter Break & Summer Housing

Winter Break Housing

Winter Break Housing is available for current residents taking winter break courses or having obligations at DU over break, such as internships, jobs, being a part of an athletic team, or DU is their permanent address!

Students can additionally purchase a meal plan during winter break. For more information, visit our Room & Meal Plan page.

New students moving in for the Winter Quarter and students who will not be returning for the Winter Quarter are not eligible for Winter Break Housing.

  • How do I apply for winter break housing?

    Residents must apply for winter break housing via the Housing Portal. The application becomes available on Monday, October 23, 2023 at 8 am. Residents approved for winter break housing will remain in their current housing assignments. It’s important to remember that residents who do not fully complete their winter break housing application by November 17, 2023, will not be eligible for winter break housing and will not have access to any residential building during winter break.

  • Do I have to move rooms if I am staying over the winter break?

    ​​​​No! Students approved to stay for Winter Break Housing will stay in their current assignment.

  • Do I have to remove my belongings if I am not staying for winter break?

    ​​​​It depends.

    If you are returning winter quarter, you do not need to remove your belongings for Winter Break. Please be sure to take any belongings that you may need for the Break.

    If you are not returning winter quarter, you would then be required to move out by 9 am on November 22, 2023. Please submit a Contract Breakage Request in the Housing Portal as soon as you can.

  • What happens if my winter break housing request is not approved?

    ​​​​​Students not approved for winter break housing must move out by Wednesday, November 22, 2023, by 9:00 a.m.

  • Do I have to pay for winter break housing?

    ​​​​​Yes. Residents staying on-campus during Winter Break will be charged a flat Winter Break Housing fee of $1730. This fee covers the entire winter break period and would only be reduced/pro-rated if a resident fully checks out of their housing assignment and submits a Contract Breakage Request before January 7, 2024.

    This amounts to approximately $39 per night.

  • Is there any financial support if I cannot afford winter break housing?

    ​​​​​Yes. In the Winter Break Application, you can indicate that you have financial need and you can apply for a Winter Break Fee Reduction or Waiver. You will be required to upload documentation from Financial Aid that supports your financial need.

    The priority deadline to be considered for a Winter Break Fee Reduction or Waiver is November 10, 2023.

  • Does the winter break fee apply to residents in the apartments community?

    Yes. The winter break housing fee applys to all on-campus students including those that live in the apartments community.

  • What if I miss the deadline to request winter break housing?

    ​​​​​You will still be able to submit a Winter Break Housing Application, but all applications received after November 17, 2023 with be subject to a $50 late fee. It may take up 72 hours for your application to be reviewed.

    We will not process any late applications after December 20, 2023. Until your application is processed, you will not have building access.

  • Will I be able to have a guest visit or stay during winter break?

    It depends. You cannot have guests who are not members of the DU community that haven't been approved for winter break housing?

  • Will there be any food or dining options during Winter Break?

    No.  At this time, there will not be any food or dining options available to students staying on campus for Winter Break. If options become available, HRE will email students to notify them of any changes.

    However, residents staying over winter break will have access to a kitchen:

    • Centennial Halls will receive access to Dimond
    • Johnson-McFarlane students will receive access to Nelson
    • Hub students will receive access to TLC
  • Will mail be delivered during winter break?

    ​​​​​We often see issues with deliveries and strongly encourage students to not ship packages or mail winter break.

    DU and HRE are not responsible for any packages not received during the break period. Similar to regular session, students will receive a notification if packages or mail are received. 

  • What happens if I only need housing for a portion of time?

    ​​​​​You will still be initially charged the $1730 Winter Break Housing fee, but you can submit a Winter Break Contract Breakage Housing Request when you have left for the remainder of the break. Your fee will then be prorated, or adjusted for the amount of time you stayed to the date you submitted your Contract Breakage Request. You will then be prorated (charged a nightly rate) through the date you submit your breakage request.

    Once you submit your breakage request, you will lose access to your building, so it is important you submit your breakage request as you are leaving or after you have left.

Summer Housing

Summer Housing will be available for DU students that will be involved in summer courses, have other DU obligations on campus (internship, jobs, athletic team, etc.) or DU is the permanent address. Students should apply via their Housing Portal and the application will be available on Monday, April 17, 2023. Housing will assign students a space in of our summer locations (see below). Please know students will not be assigned housing if their application is not completed in full.

  • Important Dates for Summer Housing

    Important dates for 2024 summer housing will become available once finalized.

  • What are summer housing options?

    2024 summer housing options will become available once finalized.

  • How much does summer housing cost?

    2024 summer housing costs will become available once finalized.

    Rates are for the full summer. If a student moves out prior to the end of the summer quarter, they will be prorated based on their completed check-out date. All checkouts must be scheduled ahead of time to be processed.

  • What will I need to do to move from my current assignment into my summer housing assignment?

    Students currently living on campus will remain in their space until their summer assignment is available. Housing & Residential Education will share move-in details in the Summer Housing Assignment letter. There is no additional transition rate for this transition period. Students interested in Spring-to-Summer transition should a Move Out Extension Request in the Housing Portal when it becomes available.

  • If I have a fall housing assignment, when do I move?

    Students with assignments for the Fall 2023 quarter may move into their fall assignments early but would be charged a transition fee. This fee is not reduced, even if a student is not present for each day during this transition period or moves to their fall assignment early.

    Students without a fall 2023 housing assignment or not participating in the Summer-to-Fall Transition must move out.

    Dates for the summer-to-fall transition will be available once finalized.