Living Communities

Our Living Community Experiences

Affinity Housing and Living and Learning Communities (known collectively as “living communities”) at DU help unite students around the common purpose of enriching learning, experiencing a sense of community, and empowering students to become more engaged while attending DU. Living communities help foster smooth academic and social transitions in college. We envision our living communities contributing to student success goals of equity in educational outcomes such as increasing student learning, persistence & retention, and degree attainment, and being informed by DU Impact 2025 and Housing & Residential Education’s Core Values.

Affinity Housing

Affinity Housing centers around a group of students living together with shared cultural, organizational, or personal identities. Affinity Housing does not have a required linked academic course or curriculum that students engage in. Instead, this living community seeks to increase students' sense of belonging in a community they co-create. Affinity Housing is ideal for students who are interested in creating or contributing to a living experience centered on a particular interest. Students participating in some campus programs may also be assigned Affinity Housing!

Living & Learning Communities (LLCs)

Living & Learning Communities (LLCs) are a strategic academic-student affairs partnership that facilitates a live-in residential experience where a cohort of students live and learn together around a specific topical area. Our LLC students can expect to contribute to an intentionally designed residential community and participate in a credit-baring academic course on a specific topic together. LLCs are ideal communities for students who are interested in living with other students passionate about a specific topical area and learning together in the academic space. 

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Living Communities


Find Your Home in a Living & Learning Community

First Years who join a Living & Learning Community (LLC) pursue their passions together, develop lasting friendships, and get a clear picture of what's ahead. 

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