Be a leader among your peers!

Not Just a Place to Live

At Housing & Residential Education, we want you to feel right at home and make the most of your community—plus, we think you could be the ones to guide it! Whether it's stepping up in different roles or building new skills, you've got the chance to shape our awesome residential spaces. Ready to dive in, lead, and make friends along the way? Let's explore how you can jump in, stand out, and be a leader among your fellow students!


Guess what? JMac isn't just any residence hall—it's our coziest one on campus! Imagine having a hand in all the exciting things that go down here. You could make a real difference!

Join Hall Council!

Hey there! Ever heard of Hall Councils? These are your very own student-led groups, located right within your living space. They're all about making sure your needs and interests are front and center. Think of them as the voice of your residential community, working hard to create awesome events that bring everyone together. And guess what? YOU get to elect these awesome folks! Being part of a Hall Council is like unlocking a whole world of leadership skills, from advocating for your community to organizing unforgettable hangouts. Ready to jump in?

  • Join your Hall Council and take on these exciting roles

    Ready to shape your campus experience? The following are the responsibilities of the different positions on Hall Council:

    Want to learn more? Come to one of the info sessions!

    • In-Person: Wednesday (9/13) from 6:00 - 7:00 pm at DFRV's Multipurpose Room
    • Virtual: Thursday (9/14) from 6:00 - 7:00 pm via Zoom (the meeting ID is 879 4791 7300)

    Position Responsibilities


    • Attending weekly meetings with your Hall Council advisor
    • Scheduling and leading Hall Council meetings
    • Delegating responsibilities to all other positions 
    • Completing program proposals for Hall Council events

    Vice President

    • Liaising to other Hall Councils 
    • Being the Dining committee representative 
    • Completing program evaluations

    Administrative Coordinator

    • Maintaining the Hall Council membership roster 
    • Taking and sharing Hall Council meeting meetings
    • Overseeing resource requests


    • Developing & maintaining the Hall Council budget 
    • Overseeing purchasing

    Media & Marketing Coordinator

    • Documenting Hall Council events 
    • Managing the Hall Council's social media accounts

    Programming Officers

    • Publicizing Hall Council events 
    • Leading event planning efforts

    Floor/Building Representatives

    • Raising community issues and ideas to be addressed 
    • Attending voting meetings
    • Important Dates to Keep in Mind!

      Applications for Hall Council are already open! Apply here:

      Monday, September 25th at 8:00 am 

      Hall Council applications due 

      Monday, September 25th  

      Applicant eligibility review 

      Tuesday, September 26th at noon

      Eligible candidates notified 

      Tuesday, September 26th at noon – Monday, October 2nd at 8:00 am 

      Campaign period 

      Monday, October 2nd at noon – Tuesday, October 3rd at noon 

      Election Days

      Tuesday, October 3rd at 4:00 pm 

      Winners announced 

      Tuesday, October 3rd at 5:00 pm – Wednesday, October 4th at 9:00 am 

      Run-off Elections (if applicable)


    Did you know Halls, is a hub for campus living? Our largest residence hall for first-year students, is right next to Ritchie Center, a quick stroll to the light rail station, and has cashierless market!

    Become an RA!

    As an RA, you'll be at the heart of creating an incredible living experience for your peers. From organizing fun events that spark friendships to offering a helping hand when needed, you'll play a crucial role in building a strong and supportive community. Gain valuable leadership skills, forge lasting connections, and make a positive impact on your campus journey. Join us in shaping unforgettable memories!

    • What do RAs do?

      RAs are your go-to support system. They're like mentors, educators, and friends rolled into one. From building a tight-knit community to helping you navigate college life, RAs wear many hats. They're the leaders who set an example with responsibility, fairness, and enthusiasm. With top-notch communication skills and a team-player spirit, RAs are here to make your experience unforgettable. Get ready for a year filled with guidance, growth, and great connections, all thanks to your amazing RAs!

    • Important Dates to Keep in Mind