Moving Out of DU Housing

Students living in on-campus housing, should contact Housing & Residential Education directly at 303.871.2246 or for any questions. More detailed information about the check-out procedures can be found below.

  • How to Check Out of DU Housing

    Please read this section carefully as you will be charged for each day until the Housing office receives your keys.

    • Make sure you've received notification from Housing and Residential Education that you have been approved to break your housing contract.
    • Students are expected to move out within 48 hours of receiving notification.
    • Pack all of your belongings and remove them from your room or apartment.
    • Clean the room/apartment and common spaces of your suite. This includes:
      • Removing trash and returning furniture to its original condition. Please refer to our damage price sheet for estimated damage prices.
      • Cleaning fees will be assessed if the space has not been thoroughly cleaned.
      • Any damage charges will be assessed if there is damage to the room. Please refer to the Guide to Residence Living to see more detailed information about the damage charge process.
    • Pro-rated charges and any associated fees will be processed within 3 business days and your account will be updated at that point. If you are not approved to move out, you will continue to be billed for your housing charges.
  • Express Check Out

    All residents of DU Housing are able to take advantage of Express Check Out. Express Check Outs allow more flexibility for both students and staff.

    Before completing your express check out, remember:

    • You must pack up and remove all your belongings from your room.
    • You are responsible for cleaning the space and removing your belongings and trash.
    • Report any damages that have occurred while living in the room/apartment.
    • Your room/apartment will be inspected after you move out, and you will be charged for any damages, missing items, and/or cleaning charges.
    • Damages, missing items, and/or cleaning that no one claims responsibility for will be divided equally among those living in your room/apartment.


    Once you are ready to complete your check out:

    1. Go to your Residence Hall Front Desk for an envelope.
    2. Put your keys in the envelope and seal it.
    3. Fill out your name, ID number, room number, and time of check out.
    4. Sign the envelope and return it to the Front Desk Assistant or Drop Box.

    Charges for any additional individual room/suite/apartment damages that are found after check out will be charged to the student's account.

  • Medical Leaves of Absence
    • Students who are in process of a Medical Leave of Absence approval who want to move out immediately should make sure to remove all of their belongings from their room, that the room is cleaned, return all keys to the front desk of the building, and email to communicate the move out due to pending Medical Leave. Students will be charged for housing and meal plan until approved for official release in writing by HRE.
    • Students who have completed a Medical Leave of Absence and withdrawal for the quarter will need to move out and vacate their on-campus assignment within 48-72 hours of the withdrawal. In order to check out, students should remove all of their belongings from their room, that the room is cleaned, return all keys to the front desk of the building, and contact their Resident Director to communicate the move out due to Medical Leave.
    • All room and meal plan charges will be pro-rated to the last day of check out, pending MLOA approval.
    • Students must complete a new housing application for the expected quarter of return and will be placed on a waitlist for a new room assignment. Original residential buildings and room assignments cannot be reserved upon student's return, however, Housing & Residential Education will attempt to make the assignments before the start of the quarter after Medical Re-Entry has been approved.