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There's truly no other place that offers you the quality and meaningful experiences like Housing and Residential Education (HRE) provides, all while having the opportunity to grow from your residential experience.

We know you may be feeling a mix of emotions from being nervous and overwhelmed to excitement at the thought of a new opportunity that awaits you. We want to assure you that the HRE has a well-thought-out process for housing and we provide the necessary resources for your seamless transition to on-campus living. Whether you have questions about roommate living or move-in day, you'll find the information and resources to help you succeed.

And if you're still feeling overwhelmed, don't worry –you've come to the right place.


First Year students are assigned to one of three residence halls.

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I’m enrolled and will live on campus. Now what?

We have all the info you need to apply and get ready for your first year in DU housing.

Apply for Housing

Get Ready

Know Before You Go

Transitioning to life on campus is easier if you come prepared. Here, you will find the information you need to arrive ready.

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Move-In Day

To help make things easier, we implement a special move-in day schedule and provide information and assistance every step of the way. Check back for updated information closer to move-in-day.

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Living With a Roommate

Learn best practices and helpful tips to put your best foot forward with your new roommate.

Roommate Tips
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Enhance Your First-Year Experience

Looking to bond with other first-year students, create memories, and have a chance to learn about real-world topics w hile making an impact? Look no further.

The Living and Learning Communities (LLC) are designed to do just that. The LLC gives first-year students a unique opportunity to create lasting relationships while talking about real issues that matter. These academic and thematic programs focus on social and environmental topics including environmental sustainability, social justice, global connections, innovation & entrepreneurship, and wellness. Not only do you get to establish a group of friends during your first year in college, but you also get to attend retreats that let you learn beyond the classroom and explore Colorado from a different lens.

Are you ready for activism, entrepreneurship, involvement, and engagement?

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We Guide, While Students Lead the Way

Since the inception of Housing & Residential Education (HRE), we have put students like you at the forefront of our mission. We believe that the education you receive will integrate lessons from the classroom and extend to your experiences as a community member, roommate, and individual. That is why we encourage and support you in your journey of pursuing your passions and interests, new communities, and new ideas that will positively impact your residential experience.

The HRE collaborates with you by listening to feedback and we aren't afraid to change and evolve as a program by responding to student needs, whether that's a call for a new program or living arrangement. We look forward to enhancing and evolving your student experience as we actively collaborate and curate a caring environment where you lead the way.

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