All-Gender Communities

Purpose and Standards

All-Gender Community aligns with Housing & Residential Education's (HRE) Diversity Statement and creates a living environment for DU students of all orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. This also includes LGBTQ+ allies. The All-Gender Community is a popular choice for students who seek roommates or suitemates outside of the traditionally gendered binary and acknowledges that identities exist on a spectrum. Two residential communities host an All-Gender Community: Dimond Family Residential Village (DFRV) and Nelson Hall. 

DFRV's All-Gender Community has access to multiple single-occupancy gender-inclusive restrooms in the building and collectively creates community standards to safeguard the privacy & comfort of their peers in the community restrooms in their pod. Nelson Hall's All-Gender Community includes single-occupancy restrooms within the suite, and the floor has a shared kitchen.

All-Gender Community aims to holistically support students through:

  • Opportunities to build positive peer relationships and communities that embrace a spectrum of identities
  • Exploring personal identities and lived experiences
  • Staff and/or faculty mentorship
  • Connection to campus resources
  • Programs that seek to empower students to be change agents

If you are interested in living in All-Gender Community, please indicate your interest when completing your Housing Application when it asks about "Gender Inclusive Housing." on your housing application by clicking on Gender Inclusive Housing.

All-Gender Community Standards

By living in All-Gender Community, students agree to the following community standards:

  • Modeling behavior that reflects a positive value and respect for gender as a non-binary social construct. Community members' actions and behaviors must reflect the values of the community and will also promote a brave, affirming, and inclusive environment for all students living in the community. Guests will also respect the values and standards of the All-Gender Community.
  • Being open about and engaging in actions to develop one's own understanding of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.
  • Using inclusive and socially just language and the gender pronouns and preferred names of community members.
  • Honoring the privacy of peers in the community.

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All Gender Resources

  • First Year & Transfer Students

    Housing & Residential Education offers various resources for students who do not identify within the gender binary. Incoming first year and transfer students who have questions about their individual housing needs, or would like to talk with a staff member about gender-inclusive housing, can reach out to our Housing email to schedule a meeting. The form is confidential, and once filled out it is emailed to the Occupancy team, who will then directly reach out to students. The All-Gender Community for First Year & Transfer students is in Dimond Family Residential Village.

  • Returning Students

    Second year students have the opportunity to join the All-Gender Community, located in Nelson Hall. The purpose of All Gender is to provide an environment where students can live with whomever they are most comfortable with/in support of all gender identities. HRE acknowledges the limitations of the gender binary and is actively working to provide brave spaces for students to express themselves freely. All Gender housing acknowledges that gender is a social construct that exists on a spectrum. Living in the community will engage students through peer relationships, staff support, resources, and programming opportunities that empower students to become agents of change. 

    For third and fourth year students, all on-campus living spaces have the capability to be gender-inclusive depending on space availability and roommate groups at Room Selection. Students who have questions about this or would like to speak with a staff member can contact the Housing Office.

  • How can I apply?

    Step 1: Completing a Housing Application

    For Second-Year students fill out your housing application as part of Room Selection for 2022-2023. While filling out your housing application select that you are interested in Gender Inclusive Housing. DO NOT create or join a group with students who are not interested in joining All Gender.

    Room Selection

    For Incoming First-Year students please complete the housing application and select that you are interested in Gender Inclusive Housing.

    Apply for Housing

    Step 2: Look Out For Additional Communication

    After completing your housing application you will be sent additional communication regarding the All-Gender Community and a separate application that will need to be completed.

    For Second-Year students, if you are in a roommate group all members of the group must complete the All-Gender application and agree to the terms of the community. You will be placed in the All-Gender community and will not go through Room Selection. 

    For Incoming First-Year students you will need to complete the All-Gender application. Students will only be placed with other individuals that have opted into Gender-Inclusive housing. The student may also request a roommate if they know them and the individual opted into Gender-Inclusive housing. 1st-Year All Gender Application will open near the end of April.

    Questions? Contact us.