Our Values

Our mission at HRE is to cultivate individuals and inclusive communities. Our vision and core values include:

  • Student support and development
  • Staff support and development
  • Diversity and Social Justice; and
  • Sustainability

Find how we will represent and strengthen our core values below.

Our Value Statements

  • Student Value Statement

    Residential Education holds student support as a core value of our residential communities. We strive to offer students a quality and meaningful experience and want students to value and grow from their residential experiences. Responsibility to the community is encouraged through an educational conduct process and involvement in the community. Through educational and social programming, our residents will be exposed to new opportunities, new challenges, new communities, and new ideas that will enhance their education out of the classroom. We have student organizations that are student-led, student-focused, and provide leadership opportunities for all residents. Housing and Residential Education believes students are at the core of our work and we seek to actively cultivate a collaborative and caring environment where students lead the way.

  • Staff Value Statement

    The University of Denver Department of Housing and Residential Education is committed to providing training and resources to all of our staff. We are responsible for supporting and inspiring the lifelong learning and development of leaders and change agents, who will in turn enhance our community to reach its full potential. We acknowledge and embrace a diverse community comprised of students, faculty, staff, and others who we encounter in the course of our work. Housing and Residential Education staff will be provided personal and professional growth, honoring each individual's unique needs, contributions, and journey. We provide opportunities to build skills integral to the success of each member of our staff to succeed as student affairs professionals in the best traditions of the Division of Student Life and the University of Denver.

  • Diversity Value Statement

    The University of Denver Department of Housing & Residential Education believes that diversity is a core value of our residential communities. As such, we, the students and staff of Housing & Residential Education are committed to pursuing inclusive excellence and social justice through programming, dialogue, and actively embracing our individual and unique identities and differences as well as our commonalities. We support a pluralistic living environment in our residence halls that respects all voices and maintains human dignity through intellectual, social, and emotional growth. We seek to foster the development of engaged global citizens through mutual understanding of race and ethnicity, religions, socioeconomic classes, gender identity expressions, sexual orientation, physical and learning abilities, national origins, veteran status, and ages. In this way, Housing & Residential Education respects, promotes, and advocates diversity, because we believe diversity lived is diversity learned.

  • Sustainability Value Statement

    We, the students, staff, and community members of the Housing and Residential Education Department of the University of Denver, recognize the critical importance of sustainability. We commit to environmental, social, and economic sustainability by pledging to "meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs" (Brundtland, 1987). We, as agents of change, will reduce our environmental impact through activism, empowerment, collaboration, and educational programming. In doing so, we view equality, diversity, and social justice as essential components of sustainability. We will work to engage all residents and staff to actively participate in sustainable practices to be leaders in stewardship as global citizens serving the public good.