Student Affairs & Inclusive Excellence (SAIE) is the central student division of the University. We are committed to providing students with the resources, skills and support they need to become empowered citizens who positively impact their communities now and in the future.

Mission: SAIE supports students in their holistic development through advocacy, collaboration & education. 

Vision: SAIE will be full partners in students’ learning experience 


  • Student Centricity 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
  • Collaboration  
  • Adaptability 
  • Accountability (individual & collective) 

Strategic Priorities:

  • Enrich the holistic student experience
  • Elevate & Embed diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Engage purposeful partnerships
  • Enhance staff development, learning & wellbeing 
  • Enact sustainable practices & operations


Honor Code
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The 4D Student Experience

Our holistic, comprehensive approach to education is called the 4D Experience. The goal of the 4D experience is to empower you to build an educational experience that aligns with your goals and interests, as well as in service of the public good. This means that each student can build towards a future where they're able to draw on their own passions and perspectives while strengthening the communities around them.

Student Affairs' role in that process centers around two specific goals: Exploring Character and Promoting Well-Being.

Exploring Character


You'll work to intentionally develop knowledge and skills that prepare you to live, work, collaborate, and communicate across differences in background, perspective, and experience. As you develop these skills, you'll also explore and reflect on your own character, and explore the importance of different character traits.

We help facilitate these values of collaboration and reflection by providing extensive opportunities for engagement between diverse groups of students. These opportunities range from large-scale events like the Cultural Center's Diversity Summit to small-group events put on by the many affinity groups we support. In addition, we are always working to support and strengthen our campus-wide atmosphere of openness and inclusion.

Promoting Well-Being

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During your time at DU, we work to ensure you have the opportunity to learn the skills and behaviors that will help you achieve and maintain social, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual wellness. We believe these skills are of equal importance to your intellectual development and can help ensure you're able to thrive and make a positive impact here at the University and throughout the rest of your life.

That means ensuring that our support services are run with intentionality and empower you to grow with every interaction. Whether it's building coping skills through our Health & Counseling Center or strengthening your abilities as a teammate and leader as part of a club sports team, we'll make sure you're able to flourish personally in college and beyond.


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