Justice Fleet

DU welcomes The Justice Fleet to campus, March 5-7, 2019!

The Justice Fleet is a mobile network of experiences that foster community healing through art, play, and dialogue. Each exhibit engages community members in discussions about implicit and explicit bias, social justice, and empathy.

The DU visit included an interactive exhibitworkshopspanels, class visits, student showcase and keynote address. Details are posted below as finalized.

Sponsored by Communication Studies and Gender & Women's Studies (CAHSS), Inclusion & Equity Education (CLIE), Office of the Chancellor, Colorado Women's College, Marsico Visiting Scholars Program, Office of Diversity & InclusionIRISE

Radical Forgiveness Exhibit

Based on the profound notion that we don't have to live with fear, pain, hostility, or injustice. That we have control over the way we perceive, understand, act, and react in our world. In a socially unjust world, we experience moments that require small and large acts of repair. Radical forgiveness is a fluid and deliberate process that allows us to repair the tears, rips, and gaping wounds that impede us from being better versions of ourselves and bettering our world.

Visitors begin with a display on Radical Forgiveness and then engage in an art-activism project called the Forgiveness Quilt where they share their own biases and seek forgiveness.

The interactive exhibit was open as follows:

  • Tues, 3/5: 8.30-11.45am and 2-6pm, in Chambers Center (Colorado Women's College) 120
  • Wed, 3/6: 8.30-10am and 1.30-5pm, in Chambers Center (Colorado Women's College) 120
  • *Thurs, 3/7: 8.30-10am and 4-6pm, at The Hub on Driscoll Green (*this space is not ADA accessible)

No RSVP or registration is necessary; drop by! Please allow ~30 minutes for the experience. And we appreciate your patience if you come during busy time; we'll move individuals through the experience as quickly as we can.

Radical Imagination Workshops

Focus on creating a space for people to imagine a just world where liberation and freedom from oppression are possible. Participants work in groups to create their just worlds from the available reclaimed goods, craft items, and miscellaneous art supplies. Then, as a facilitated large group, we will talk about their worlds, the societal structures they built, how those structure challenge or perpetuate social problems, and ways we can begin changing our world. The just cities and conversations will be documented and photographed and become a part of the exhibit's display to encourage more dialogue, questions, and imagination.

This engaging ~90minute workshop was offered on the following UPDATED schedule:

  • Tues, 3/5: 10-11.30am (session full)
  • Wed, 3/6: 8.30-10am in AAC 340 ("The Loft" classroom)
  • Wed, 3/6: 1.30-3pm, in AAC 301 (just to right of main stairs; or left off elevator)
  • Wed, 3/6: 3.15-4.45pm in AAC 301 (just to right of main stairs; or left off elevator)

We are no longer able to accommodate groups, but individuals can just show up at start of the session, so long as seats are available. Please, no late arrivals/early departures!

Faculty Panel (Tues PM)

Radical Forgiveness, Imagination, and Justice in our Teaching (SESSION IS FULL!!)

sponsored by the Office of Teaching & Learning

Tuesday, 5 March, 12-1.50pm | Sie Complex Forum (1020)

Panel including Ramona Beltrán (GSSW), Taisha McMickens (CAHSS), Nancy Wadsworth (CAHSS), Robin Walker Sterling (Law), Valentina Irtube-LaGrave (OTL), Scott Leutenegger (Engineering), and Erika Trigoso (NSM) reflect on the art of teaching, especially toward justice, and as integrating radical forgiveness and imagination. Dr Johnson will be guest respondent.

Qdoba lunch provided; please bring your own drink/water bottle.

This session (room) is full! Thanks to all who registered.

Student Project Showcase (Wed PM)

Wed, 3/6, 5-6.30pm in Sturm Hall north lobby (outside Lindsay Aud.)

Participants in the winter COMN 2000: Identities in Dialogue course sections will display their group projects, including information and activities.

Drop by on your way to the keynote that follows!

Visiting Scholar Keynote (Wed PM)

Humanizing Equity in the Capitalist Race for Diversity and Inclusion

by Marsico Visiting Scholar Dr Amber Johnson

Wednesday, 3/6, 6.30-8pm | Lindsay Auditorium (Sturm 281)

free, open to the public | campus map, hourly parking and transit info

Dr Johnson, Ast Professor of Communication at St Louis University, is an award-winning scholar and teacher whose work merges qualitative, rhetorical, critical, and arts-based methods, theories, and contexts. Their numerous projects advance our understandings of identity, protest, social justice, performance and aesthetics, through deep and creative engagements with communities within and off campus. As an artist, Amber works with metals, paint, photography, recycled and reclaimed goods, and music. As a creator of The Justice Fleet, Dr Johnson wanted to experiment with mobile museums and social justice inquiry, ethnography, and art activism to address social injustice and urban engagement. Dr Johnson's forthcoming book, A Great Inheritance, follows five children who have chosen to dismantle the gender binary and emancipate humans from the genetic economy.