Student Outreach & Support

SOS in your Dean of Students Office helps students succeed by connecting them to support, basic needs and/or financial resources, developing a plan of action to meet their goals, and navigating challenging situations.

Student Outreach & Support

  • A student is experiencing a challenging situation and does not know where to start in getting help, who can help?

    Student Outreach and Support has a team of caring and skilled case managers ready to help students through challenging situations. SOS works with students to breakdown the challenges they are facing and assisting in creating a plan to address that challenge whether it is helping to navigate various DU offices or connecting with outside resources, we are here to help.

    Anyone is welcome to submit an SOS Referral to get a student connected with SOS.

  • What happens when a referral is submitted?

    SOS monitors the referral system each business day and will reach out to a student within 48 business hours. This referral activates the appropriate University protocol to support both the individual and the campus community in maintaining their safety, health, and well-being. Case Managers meet with students in person, via phone or video. Engagement and the number of times a student meets with SOS is entirely up to each student.

  • What kind of support can SOS provide?

    SOS works to connect students with appropriate resources based on each individual situation. Some specific resources that SOS manages include: