Academic/Subject-Specific Support

Academic Support Services

  • Undergraduate Course Alerts

    Course alerts are a way for your instructors to communicate with you and provide recommendations to you for improving your academic performance and/or for connecting to helpful academic resources (many of which are listed in this page). You may receive a course alert message from your instructor(s) if they notice that you may need some additional academic support. Whether you plan to follow your instructor’s recommendations for specific actions or connections to resources, be sure to respond to them (and to any outreach you receive regarding academic resources and support) so that they know you have the information you need - responding to outreach/offers of support is an important skill to build. 

  • AccessibleDU: Student Disability Services

    Student Disability Services (SDS) provides or facilitates a range of accommodations for students with a documented disability, including testing accommodations, alternate format texts and materials, course substitutions, peer-note taking, and more. Additionally, SDS works in concert with the Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) to provide second language accommodations and more.

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  • Learning Effectiveness Program

    The Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) helps neurodiverse learners to thrive at DU through a range of services, including individualized counseling and tutoring, executive functioning support, pre-orientation opportunities, social skills and more.

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  • Undergraduate Student Success Coaching

    Meet one-on-one with a Student Success Coach to improve your college experience! Your coach will support you, challenge you, and hold you accountable through individualized coaching sessions. Topics are customized to meet your needs and may include goal setting, time management, organization, study skills, and stress management. 

    Student Success Coaching

Subject-Specific Academic Support

  • Center for World Languages

    The Center for World Languages and Cultures supports and enriches your study of languages and cultures at DU. Come to the CWLC to work with language coaches, take undergraduate placement or graduate proficiency exams, study less-commonly taught languages, and prepare for study abroad.

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  • Math Center

    The Math Center provides a place to study, to do homework, and to ask questions. Students are encouraged to work with other students in the same class. When they have questions, our assistants will give them hints and will guide them to find the answer. Working in small groups and having discussions with other students is one of the most effective ways to learn mathematics. The Math Center offers free, drop-in assistance for Business Calculus, Calculus I, II and III, Elements of College Algebra, and College Algebra and Trigonometry.

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  • Research Center

    The Research Center should be a student's first point of contact for questions about locating books, finding articles on a specific topic, or using electronic resources. The Research Center offers expert guidance through the research process from refining a topic to finding and evaluating relevant sources to creating a bibliography. One-on-one research consultations with subject librarians are available to current DU students, faculty, and staff at any stage of the research process.

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  • Science & Engineering Center

    The Science and Engineering Center is a collaborative space staffed by undergraduate and graduate learning assistants (LAs) trained to assist students with first and second-year biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering lecture and laboratory courses. Our goal is to help students grow as problem solvers by assisting with homework sets, lab reports, and preparing for exams. The Science and Engineering Center is not a one-on-one tutoring center, but is rather a support system where students can get guidance from TAs as well as their peers. This center is open to all DU students. All services are free. Located in the northwest corner of the main floor of the Anderson Academic Commons (west of the writing center).

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  • Writing Center

    The University Writing Center works with all University of Denver students, staff, and faculty as part of the Writing Program's mission to create and sustain a robust culture of writing on the DU Campus. In their free 45-minute consultations, Writing Center staff work with writers individually and in groups to discuss their work and to help them hone their skills and practices, with an eye both on the texts at hand and on the writer's goals and needs. The Writing Center is accessible to both online and on-campus students.

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