Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (E-STEM)

Mission Statement:

At E-STEM, our mission is to nurture the strengths of incoming undergraduates from historically underrepresented backgrounds who elect to major in STEM subjects, helping them successfully transition to the college environment and navigate STEM paths at DU. Students participate in a pre-collegiate summer orientation, E-STEM Summer Bridge, held prior to the university's Orientation.


About the E-STEM program:

Established in 2017, the Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (E-STEM) is a DU academic success program serving 1st through 4th year undergraduate Historically Underrepresented/Groups (students of color, 1st generation, women, etc.) in the STEM fields. The E-STEM program is founded on theory and best practices for guiding diverse STEM Scholars to success through developing a strong STEM community at DU for Historically Underrepresented Students through support and guidance, weekly success sessions, and intensive advising. E-STEM has striven to:

  1. Create a welcoming environment that builds a sense of belonging among historically underrepresented students in STEM.
  2. Foster an atmosphere of support and empowerment within the STEM community.
  3. Provide students with the tools to academically excel and professionally thrive.
  4. Support students through the transition to college.
  5. Educate on issues around power and privilege in the STEM fields.
  6. Provide peer mentor support through their career at DU.

E-STEM program partners include the Division of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science (RSECS), and the College of Natural Science and Mathematics (CNSM).

In its third year, E-STEM serves over 80 diverse STEM scholars.

The E-STEM program has three goals:

  1. RETENTION: Increasing the number of historically underrepresented students in STEM career fields through college to graduation and beyond.
  2. ACADEMIC SUCCESS: Guiding scholars to achieve a high GPA necessary for scholarships, graduation, graduate school, and future careers.
  3. STEM IDENTITY: Helping E-STEM Scholars develop confidence and a strong STEM identity is KEY in a predominately white field.

Program set-up:

Early Access

E-STEM students move onto campus early to acclimate to dorm life, navigate campus and familiarize themselves with the local neighborhood, and downtown Denver.

Community Building and Academic Success

During the first year, E-STEM Scholars attend weekly Student Success Seminars where they learn academic success tools, explore STEM careers, engage in professional development, and network with faculty, industry professionals, and other students. They also explore issues of equality and diversity within STEM fields and develop their identity as a STEM scholar and individual.

Academic Excellence Workshops (AEWs), held weekly, allow scholars to utilize collaborative learning and teaching methods to develop the academic success strategies and study skills that are necessary to succeed in STEM subjects at DU.

Summer Bridge

During the Summer Bridge experience, students connect with other incoming students, peer mentors, STEM faculty, and graduate students. They participate in activities and workshops designed to help them transition from high school to college life. By moving into their housing assignments early, students have time to explore campus and visit downtown Denver.

Support Through College and Beyond

E-STEM also introduces scholars to research and internship opportunities and helps them develop skills and resumes for graduate school and STEM careers.


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