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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Disability Services Program (DSP)! While the DSP evaluates and determines reasonable accommodations associated with student disabilities and health conditions, faculty members are legally responsible for administering most of these accommodations within the classroom and beyond. Fortunately, the DSP office is here to support and facilitate this process.

Accommodate Portal

With the most pertinent information and functionality in one place, Accommodate is your primary tool for all things DSP. Access it via the Accommodate Portal.

Questions about how to use Accommodate? Check the Accommodate Faculty User Guide!

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Administering Accommodations

Administering Accommodations

The DSP is here to provide support and help facilitate the administration of all approved accommodations.

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Teaching Online & Accessibility

Browse our collection of third-party accessibility guidelines and resources helpful for implementing accommodations in online courses.

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Faculty Resources

Browse our collection of DU resources, guidelines, and FAQs about working with and teaching students with disabilities.

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DSP and the Office of Teaching & Learning — A Growing Partnership

DU's Office of Teaching & Learning (OTL) supports faculty in the advancement of transformative, inclusive, and impactful teaching and learning across all disciplines. While the DSP's function is essentially reactive: providing services in response to students who self-identify the need for accommodation, the OTL's mission is proactive: continuously adapting and improving the academic experience. Together in a bourgeoning partnership, our offices work in complementary fashion to provide students with disabilities more options and better accommodations than ever before.

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