Faculty Responsibilities for Testing

The Disability Services Program operates a DSP Testing Center to assist faculty with implementation of approved testing accommodations. In order for this arrangement to work smoothly, instructors must fulfill their testing responsibilities and maintain sufficient communication with both the student and the DSP.

Accommodate Portal

Instructors must use the Accommodate Portal to transmit all testing materials and instructions to DSP.

  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are the recommended browsers. Internet Explorer is not recommended.
  • Use your DU ID number and password to log in.
  • Acceptable file extensions for uploading include .doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx .xlsx, and .zip.
  • Upload the same testing instructions you will give to the class (e.g. closed book/note, open book/note, calculator, laptop, etc.). Specify how much time the class has to complete the exam and its total number of pages.
  • For timed online exams, please remember to add extended time for students with this accommodation, including those taking the exam at the DSP Testing Center. If a student is beginning the exam earlier than the rest of the class, make sure they are able to access the exam and all necessary materials at their scheduled start time.

Faculty Requirements

  • Discuss testing accommodations with the student.

    Discuss the types of exams in your class and which approved accommodations the student will need to utilize. Determine whether you will provide the accommodations in the classroom or utilize the DSP Testing Center. If a student requests accommodations not approved in their LOAA, please have the student contact the DSP.

  • Provide the student with test dates and durations.

    Provide accurate exam dates to student in advance, allowing ample time to reserve accommodations. Please also inform the student of how much time the class gets to take the exams.

  • Help arrange for accommodations even when deadlines are missed.

    Students cannot be denied accommodations solely because they miss the sign-up deadlines. If a student cannot be scheduled in the DSP Testing Center, faculty must attempt in good faith to make alternate arrangements if at all possible.

  • Upload exams to Accommodate.

    All exams and testing instructions must be uploaded via the Accommodate Portal. Please upload exam files and test instructions as early as possible.

  • Include reminders in the syllabus.

    In addition to a disability statement, the DSP recommends that faculty include a statement encouraging students with approved accommodations to share with you their Letters Of Approved Accommodations (LOAAs) as soon as possible.

  • Help coordinate scheduling.

    Typically, students receiving extra time for testing at the DSP Testing Center start exams at the same time as the rest of their classmates taking the tests in their classrooms. If extended time could interfere with another class, the student may need to take the exam at an alternate time. The DSP requires the course professor's approval to move exams to any day or time outside the student's normal class time.

  • Provide equitable access to information during exams.

    If students in the classroom can ask the professor or Teaching Assistance (TA) questions during the exam, students at the DSP Testing Center must be granted the same access. Professors are asked to provide contact information via the Accommodate Portal when they submit the exam. Additionally, if handouts, visual aids or other information is provided in the classroom during an exam, they must also be provided at the DSP Testing Center.

Faculty Reminders

Professors receive automated reminder emails from the DSP both four (4) and two (2) days before quizzes and tests, and both eight (8) and three (3) days before final exams to remind them to submit their exams to DSP Testing Center. Each reminder includes the scheduled date and time, as well as a link to upload the test and instructions to the Accommodate Portal. Please email dsp.testing@du.edu if the date or time of the test differs from what is listed in the email.

Completed Exam Delivery

The DSP will attempt to return completed paper exams in sealed envelopes to your department within one (1) business day. Faculty are also welcome to pick up exams in person at the DSP office. If you plan to pick up in person, please email dsp.testing@du.edu to let us know. The DSP may scan the completed exam/test and deliver it electronically via email before the physical delivery of the exam to faculty.