Students with Accommodations: How To's

Need to send your LOAA's? Have to sign up for a test? Forgot how to request a textbook? Don't stress! This page has the resources and guides you need! Use the links below to navigate through our resources. 

Faculty Teaching a class

How To Send Your LOAAs

Log in to Accommodate Student Portal

The Accommodate portal home screen. On the side, you can see options for accommodation details, appointment, documents, resources, surveys, calendar, and profile

Select Accommodation Details. 

The Accommodate portal home screen. On the side, the accommodation details option is selected


Select Send LOAAs to Faculty 

The Accommodate portal home screen. On the side, under accommodation details, Send LOAAs to faculty is selected


Select Add New. 

On the send LOAAs to faculty screen, the add new button is selected


At the top, you can note your approved academic/testing accommodations. You do not need to do anything with these. They are just there for your reference.  

Start by selecting the current Term from the drop down box labeled “Term.” 

On the send LOAAs to faculty screen, the current is selected in the drop down


Then select Send By Course. 

On the send LOAAs to faculty screen, the send by course button is selected.


You will need to determine which academic/testing accommodations will be sent to each of your instructors. Your approved accommodations will appear as a list, you will need to go through accommodation by accommodation and select which courses will be notified of the accommodation. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit when finished.  

How To Book a Testing Appointment

Step 1

On the Accommodate homepage, select the option to “Schedule a Quiz, Test, or Final Exam.”

The accommodate portal. The schedule a quiz, test, or exam tab is selected.

Step 2

Once you have selected the “Schedule a Quiz, Test, or Final Exam” tab, scroll down and click the button that says “New Quiz, Test, or Final Exam Request.” 

On the scheduling page, the new quiz, test, or exam button is selected

Step 3

Once you have clicked the “New Quiz, Test, or Final Exam Request” button, you will be redirected to a page with a drop-down list. Select the course from the list that you want to request to take an exam in. (If you cannot find a course on this list, double check that you have sent your LOAAs to the professor of that course).

A drop down menu with courses listed

Step 4

Once you select the course, you will be prompted to enter a few details about the exam. When selecting the date of the exam, make sure to select the same date in both blocks. This way, you can make sure that you are scheduling your exam for the correct day. You do not need to change anything in the “Time of Exam” section – leave it as is!

On the scheduling screen,  the date of the exam is entered in the date box. There is an "X" over the time of the exam options, as you should leave them blank.

Step 5

If your exam is online, in the evening, or a Final exam, answer “Yes” when asked. Otherwise, answer “No” or leave the question blank. You do not need to select a building or a room – leave these both blank!

The test booking screen. The section with radio buttons to answer the question "is this exam being administered online or a final exam" is highlighted.

Step 6

Leave the “Day Class Meets” blank and select the option to “Check Availability.”

The testing portal page. The checkboxes for day class meets are crossed out.

Step 7

If you have entered the correct information in the previous steps, then a slot in the testing room will appear on the right-hand side with the same start time as your class. Click on the Testing Room (or Private Room) option.  (Note – If you are signing up for a final exam, make sure you sign up for same start time as your class).

The testing booking screen with the testing room option highlighted.

Step 8

After selecting the testing room, this pop-up will appear. Select the accommodations you need for the exam (most students leave all the boxes checked). 

If you have any messages for the testing center about the exam (i.e. you want to take it at a different time or have any other specific request), add a note to the “Notes/Additional information for DSP” section. Once you have done so, click the “Submit Request” button.

A pop up dialog that allows you to check the accommodations you wish to use on your test

Step 9

After you have completed this process, your request will show up in the “Pending Test Requests” column. Upon approval from the DSP Academic Testing Coordinator, the request will be moved to the “Approved Test Requests” column (this generally takes a few days to happen).

Testing confirmation screen that shows the details of your testing appointment
A female resenting student reads a book

How to Request Class Readings and Textbooks in Alternate Formats

Requesting Textbooks

Step 1: Go to the University of Denver Bookstore Textbook Page and search for your course texts. If an instructor has not yet uploaded the course textbook, please email the professor and cc  

Step 2: Buy your book from your preferred retailer. Remember, you must have proof of purchase in order for DSP to provide you with an alternate format.  

Step 3: Request textbooks using the Alternate Format Request Form, linked below: 

AFT Request Form 

Please note: You will upload proof of purchase with your form.  

You will hear from a member of the DSP AFT team to confirm your request and when your book is ready! Contact with any questions. Please include AFT as part of the subject line. 

Requesting Canvas Content

Step 1: Copy the link for the Canvas Content

Step 2: Make the request using the AFT Request Form 

Our team makes every effort to get an accessible format of Canvas content returned to you within 3 business days. 

How to Search for FOLA Courses

Step 1

Go to Registrar's Website .  Select "Registration." 

The DU registrar website. The registration tab is highlighted.

Step 2

Then select “Find Courses” on the left and select "The online Schedule of classes."  

The How to Register tab of the registration page

Step 3

Then select “Find Courses” on the left and select "The online Schedule of classes."  

The find courses tab of the registration page. The link within the body text for Online Schedule of Classes is highlighted

Step 4

Select a Term for class search section, select quarter you are looking for (example Autumn Quarter 2023). 

the drop down menu for terms in the class search

Step 5

Select continue, go to Attributes section and type in “FOLA Substitution” select search after typing in FOLA Substitution to see list of classes.  

The search criteria for classes. In the attributes field, FOLA substitution has been added
a student types on a computer. She has a textbook and notes spread around the table.

How to Request Additional Accommodations

Step 1: Go to the Accommodate Student Portal. Select the "Accommodation Details" option. 

The Accommodate portal home screen. The Accommodation Details button is highlighted.

Step 2: Select "Additional Accommodation Request" from the expanded menu.

The expanded list that appears when accommodation details is selected. Additional Accommodation request is highlighted.

Step 3: Select "Add New."

The window that appears when you select additional accommodation request from the previous step. The add new button is highlighted

Step 4: Complete the Additional Accommodations Request form and press Submit. 

The additional accommodations request form.

How to Book an Appointment with an SDS Staff Member

Step 1

Log into the Accommodate Student Portal. Then, select Appointments.

The accommodate home portal screen. The Appointments button is highlighted

Step 2

Select "Request New Appointment"

The appointments screen in Accommodate. The request new appointment button is highlighted.

Step 3

Under type, Select "Choose"

The appointments request screen in Accommodate. Under Type, the choose button is highlighted.

A separate dialog box will appear with different appointment types. Select your desired appointment type and press Done.


a dialog box with different appointment types listed

Step 4

Add any additional filters you desire then select "Check Availability at the bottom." 

The appointments request screen in Accommodate. At the bottom of the screen, the check availability button is highlighted.

Step 5

Available appointments will appear on the right side of the screen. Select the appointment slot with your desired date and time. 

The appointments request screen in Accommodate with available appointments listed.

Step 6

After selecting your desired appointment, a pop-up box will. Fill out your name, and additional notes (it is always helpful if you provide us with some context!). Press "Submit Request."

the confirm appointment dialog box with a text entry for phone numer

Step 7

After you submit a request, your appointment will appear in the "Requested Appointments" section of the appointments screen.

The appointments request screen in Accommodate showing a requested appointment

Once an SDS staff member approves your request it will move to the "Approved Appointments." You can cancel or reschedule an appointment by selecting the three dots on the side of an appointment card.  

The appointments request screen in Accommodate showing an approved appointment