Student Organizational Conduct

The University will address allegations that a Student Organization may have violated University Policies, including but not limited to the Honor Code, the Student Organization Handbook, as well as applicable policies of affiliated state, regional, national, or international organizations, as specified in these procedures.

Student Organization Procedures

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About Student Organization Code of Conduct

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities has the authority to investigate and resolve alleged violations related to Student Organizations pursuant to the Honor Code and these procedures. In any instance in which these procedures require additional clarity, or these procedures conflict with the Honor Code, the Honor Code will generally take precedence. The Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities has the discretion to determine the applicable procedures and to delegate responsibility for such investigation or adjudication.

Action taken against Student Organizations is an extension of the University's Student Rights & Responsibilities process. The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities, in consultation with relevant campus partners, including, but not limited to, Athletics & recreation and Student Affairs & Inclusive Excellence staff, may take whatever action deemed necessary to respond to complaints involving Student Organizations and/or to prevent future violations.

The University uses the Student Rights & Responsibilities process to address both individual Student behavior and conduct as well as organizational behavior and conduct. The investigation and/or adjudication of individuals does not absolve the Student Organization of responsibility for the alleged violations, nor does the investigation and/or adjudication of organizational responsibility absolve individuals of their responsibility for the alleged violations.

Student Organizations Leading Safely during COVID-19

As the pandemic impacts our friends, families, and the world, we must work to protect the health and safety of our campus and the surrounding communities. We understand that this new way of living, learning, and engaging is not what you had hoped or envisioned for your higher education experience. Your strength of character and resilience have been profound in navigating this time of disappointment, challenges, and fear. The University of Denver (DU) has invested considerable time, energy, and resources to develop a plan to protect the health, safety, and well-being of every member of our community. We are committed to providing you with a meaningful hybrid curricular and co-curricular experience. We must all follow federal, state, and local public health guidelines, as well as DU's requirements for conduct.

During this critical time, we are calling you, DU's Student Leaders, to action.

The University will take immediate action to address this intentional behavior, including pursuing interim suspension and/or trespass from campus, as well as referral to Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR). Students who do not comply may face disciplinary action for Honor Code violations including endangerment (substantial risk), violation of the law, and/or violation of other University policies. If found responsible, the range of outcomes may include possible temporary and permanent removal from DU, temporary or permanent removal from housing, building access restrictions, training, and other interventions.

Student clubs and organizations who do not follow these requirements, including the Gathering, Events and Activities Protocols, will be referred to SRR and the incident(s) will be processed through the Student Organization Policy and Procedures (above). Student clubs and organizations found responsible for violating these policies, procedures, and/or protocols may be assigned outcomes that include temporary or permanent removal from the University. Additional outcomes may include restrictions, training requirements, and other interventions.