No Contact & Location Restriction Orders

A Mutual No Contact Order is a written directive for the identified parties to avoid all contact and/or communication with one another. Unless expressly stated otherwise in the Mutual No Contact Order, contact is defined as communicating in person, communicating through a third party, and communicating through all forms of written and/or electronic contact (including phone, email, texting, and social media). The Mutual No Contact Order may apply to other forms of contact, as the University deems appropriate under the circumstances.

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A Location Restriction Order is a written directive for one or more identified parties not to enter a designated portion of University Premises. The written Location Restriction Order will define the space to be avoided, which may include particular rooms, buildings, outdoor areas, events, or other spaces as described in the Location Restriction Order. The Location Restriction Order may also require a housing reassignment or reassignment to a different section of a course for one or multiple individuals identified in the Location Restriction Order.

Mutual No Contact Orders and Location Restriction Orders may be issued as an Emergency Order through the Division of Campus Safety.

The Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX and the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities have developed a process for working with mutual No Contact Order and Location Restriction Order requests and mandates. Please review the procedures for more information on this process.

Although these Mutual No-Contact Orders and Location Restriction Orders are not considered disciplinary in nature, failing to abide by the terms of the Mutual No Contact Order and Location Restriction Orders will constitute a violation of the Student Rights & Responsibilities Policies.

[H4]: COVID-19 Location Restrictions

DU cares about our students and wants to promote a safe community during this pandemic. To that end, students who violate COVID 19 protocols may receive a location restriction order. Please click here to see the process.