Faculty & Staff Resources

This page is intended to provide resources that faculty members may find useful when dealing with matters related to Academic Integrity.

The University of Denver creates an academic learning environment grounded in Academic Integrity. Students are expected to engage honestly and demonstrate responsibility in research and academic assignments. Therefore, all work and grades should result from the Student's own understanding of the materials and their effort.

Faculty Members are responsible for determining if a violation has occurred. When evidence/information indicates that a Student may have violated an Academic Integrity Policy, Faculty should contact the Student and provide an opportunity for the Student to respond to the allegation.

Please complete this form to provide information related to Academic Integrity Misconduct to SRR.

If the Faculty member determines that the Student has violated an Academic Integrity Policy, the Faculty member will assign appropriate Academic Actions and will work with SRR to identify any appropriate University Outcomes. For guidance on typical Academic Actions, please review the Academic Actions Guidance Document.

University Outcomes include Educational and Status Outcomes. Any status outcomes assigned by SRR, are independent of Academic Status, such as Academic Probation or removal from a program. When assigning Educational and Status Outcomes, SRR aims to be consistent, equitable, educational, and restorative. SRR will consider the nature of the violation, the nature of the situation, and any prior SRR history, if applicable.

A report can be submitted for informational purposes. Informational reports are not considered a part of a student's reportable SRR record and the involved student(s) will not receive any University Outcomes. Informational reports allow SRR to maintain a wholistic record of student behavior regarding Academic Integrity. This wholistic record allows SRR to be best fulfill its role as a record keeper for Academic Integrity Misconduct across DU and provide the best advice to faculty members. Informational reports may be appropriate when a report is for a minor assignment for a course, is not a severe violation of policy, does not result in a higher-level Academic Action, and is the first Academic Integrity Misconduct Incident Report that involves a specific student.

Appeals that are focused on the decision made regarding responsibility or the Academic Action(s) implemented will be addressed through the Grade Appeal Process. A request for an appeal associated with the University Actions can be submitted via this appeal form.

If you have specific questions, need additional information, or want to discuss any concerns, please feel free to contact us via email or call 303-871-2455.