Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity for Faculty

This page is intended to provide resources that faculty members may find useful when dealing with matters and processes related to Academic Integrity.

Academic Misconduct Process

  1. Gather supporting materials - i.e. Vericite reports, website links, student materials, etc
  2. Contact Student Rights & Responsibilities to discuss the incident and the reporting process  
  3. Consider also reviewing the incident with a fellow colleague, your department head, and/or Dean to gain another perspective in the situation
  4. Reach out to the student and set up a time to meet and discuss the situation/incident
  5. Meet with the student and discuss your perspective on what happened. Provide the student an opportunity to share their perspective as well. You are encouraged to invite a colleague and/or Student Rights & Responsibilities staff member to join this meeting. It is also acceptable for the student to bring an additional support person with them, should they choose to do so.
  6. Work towards a collective determination with the student on their responsibility for the situation/incident. If the student does not accept responsibility; please contact Student Rights & Responsibilities for guidance. 
  7. Please report to Student Rights & Responsibilities the determination made regarding responsibility and any academic actions you have taken. 
  8. Student Rights & Responsibilities is the only department which can assign a status or educational outcome.