GOLD Program

The GOLD Program is rooted in principles currently used by the University of Denver and is meant to further enhance the Students Rights & Responsibilities experience for our students. The program draws heavily from the Community Remediation Program (CoRe) established by the Office of Conflict Resolution & Civic Responsibility at the University of Albany.  

GOLD provides students on Probation or Elevated Probation (previously called Deferred Suspension) with the opportunity to take actions to demonstrate that they have taken steps to become an engaged member of the University community following a finding of responsibility through the SRR Process. GOLD places emphasis on personal action and responsibility.  

Students who successfully complete GOLD may complete Student Conduct Probation or Elevated Probation (formally Deferred Suspension) earlier than the originally assigned end date. This may allow students to become re-eligible to participate in opportunities that are not available to Students who are not in Good Conduct Standing. Examples may include study abroad opportunities, Fraternity and Sorority Life housing and activities, and athletics.  

Please know that any decisions regarding eligibility in extracurricular activities are made by the office or organization that oversees that activity. SRR does not make any decisions regarding eligibility for programs or activities. Any questions about eligibility in a program or activity should be directed to the office or organization that oversees that activity.  

Please see the information below for more details on GOLD. To get additional information about GOLD, please contact

About the DU GOLD Program

GOLD consists of five (5) tasks that Students must complete to fulfill the program requirements.  

Students must complete the following: 

  • Mentorship: Identify a University of Denver staff or faculty member to serve as a mentor and attend a minimum of 4 required meetings over a minimum period of 4-weeks. 
  • University Community Service: Volunteer for a minimum of twenty (20) hours of community service based on your areas of interest. Prior site approval is required from SRR.   
  • University Involvement: Participate in at least 10 hours of campus events. If approved to complete GOLD remotely, complete a Community Involvement Reflection Essay and an Educational Interview. 
  • Student Success Coaching OR Career Services Consultation & Workshop: Complete either two (2) Student Success Coaching meetings OR attend one appointment with a career counselor and attend one career services workshop of your choice. 
  • Cumulative Reflection Essay:  Write a 1000-word essay reflecting on the incident that created the initial harm, the process of remediation you have undertaken, personal growth or learning you have gained from the experience, and ongoing steps you will take to prevent further incidents. 


To participate in GOLD, the following requirements apply: 

  • Must be a currently enrolled student who is on Probation or Elevated Probation for violations of University Policy regarding non-academic misconduct. 
  • A Student is likely ineligible to participate in GOLD if they have been found responsible for a community standard violation related to physical misconduct. 
  • A Student must not be found responsible for an additional community standard violation while completing GOLD. 
  • A Student who has been assigned Suspension or Expulsion through the SRR Process is not eligible for GOLD. 
  • Must live on campus or in the greater Denver area in order to participate; exceptions may be considered by SRR. 
  • Must complete all active outcomes assigned to you through the Student Rights & Responsibilities Process. 
  • Must not have completed GOLD previously (cannot complete GOLD more than once). 

Eligibility for GOLD is up to the discretion of SRR and any decision to not allow participation in GOLD is final. 


A Student may begin completing aspects of the GOLD Program after the appeal deadline date and/or after a decision has been made regarding a submitted appeal. Regardless of how quickly a student completes the GOLD Program, a Student will be on the assigned status for a minimum of: 

  • Six (6) weeks for every quarter of Student Conduct Probation assigned. 
  • Ten (10) weeks for every quarter of Elevated Probation assigned. 

Getting Started 

If you are interested in completing GOLD, reflect on your plan to complete GOLD. After that, submit the GOLD Intention Form ( SRR may request to schedule a meeting with you to discuss the program. 

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Getting Started

If you are interested in learning more about GOLD, please contact us at and complete intention form linked below.

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