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SOS thanks you for partnering with us to support our students.

On this page, we provide information on connecting students to support resources. If you know of a student in need, please see the SOS referral information below. Submit a referral, and we'll get in contact with the student within 48 business hours. Keep reading for information about comprehensive support for students.

Emergency or SOS Referral? We're Here to Help

In a crisis, it can be difficult to know what actions will do the most good. Student Outreach and Support has developed a Referral Flow Chart to assist in determining the best course of action for faculty or staff who have become aware of a student experiencing a personal crisis. The Referral Flow Chart is intended to make it easier to respond in a crisis and help the affected individual by helping them access support resources from DU and beyond.

Please remember that for an emergency situation, the best course of action is to call 911.

Please submit an SOS referral for non-emergency situations.



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    The Big Question:

    Is the student displaying behavior that is life-threatening to self or to others?

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    If the Answer is Yes:

    The student’s behavior is clearly and imminently reckless, disorderly, dangerous, or threatening—including self-harm. Call 911 and Campus Safety (303-871-3000).

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    If You're Not Sure:

    The student shows signs of distress, but I am unsure how serious it is. My interaction has left me feeling uneasy and/or really concerned about the student.

    Submit a Student Outreach & Support Referral

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    If the Answer is No:

    I am not concerned for the student’s immediate safety, nor am I feeling uneasy about the situation. I am concerned that they are having significant personal issues and could use support.

    Submit a Student Outreach & Support Referral

Resources for Helping Students In Distress

SOS Referral System

Learn more about our process for helping students receive support.

Learn More

Red Folder for Student Resources

Utilize this document to properly refer or report student concerns, connect with emergency or after-hours support, and connect students with resources focused on their specific needs. 

Download the Document

At the University of Denver, we look out for each other.

SOS is grateful for the partnerships with faculty and staff as we work together to support our students. We work together to support everyone on campus in understanding the resources available for our students. It takes each of us and all of us working together to engage in holistic student support.

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