Get to know the people who make our Community of Care happen! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the appropriate staff member below.


SOS Team

Our Team

  • Stephanie Potthoff (Director)
    Director Stephanie Headshot

    Stephanie joined DU in the summer of 2022 from Central Florida. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and English literature from the University of South Florida and a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her work supporting students is rooted in equity and creative problem solving. Stephanie’s background in justice-focused mental health counseling and experience advocating for under-served populations has led to her examining student support not just on an individual basis, but through a systemic lens. She believes that students' development in college is an important transition in the narrative of their lives. Stephanie believes that while it is important for students to succeed, it is also crucial that students have space to grow through challenges and know they are not alone in their journeys.  

    She is also an avid theme park and Disney fan from a previous life and lover of cats. She has two of her own including Mr. Dobbs, aka “small boi”.

    Mr. Dobbs
  • Kesem Omer (Assistant Director)
    Kesem Omer

    Kesem joined Student Outreach and Support over summer 2022.  She started her Student Affairs journey back in college where she served as a Resident Assistant at the University of Miami. She earned her Masters in Higher Education from University of Central Florida. Kesem is passionate about working with students and supporting them throughout their time in college.

    Kesem in her free time enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants (always looking for new recommendations) and watching sports. She also enjoys spending time with her cat, Pickles, but only when it is convenient for him!

    Pickles the cat
  • Ethan Jackson (Student Support Advisor)
    Case Manager Ethan Jackson

    Ethan Jackson has worked in higher education for over ten years. They are originally from Indiana but have lived in Colorado for almost a decade. Ethan enjoys listening to podcasts, dancing, hiking hanging out with their roommate’s dog, Pasha. Ethan is passionate about collaborating with students to help work through their concerns and achieve their goals. 

  • Alex Vaassen (Student Support Advisor)
    Case Manager Alex

    After four years at the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless helping formerly homeless people maintain housing and find personal enrichment, Alex transitioned to the SOS team at DU in April 2020 as a Student Support Advisor. In his free time, he loves playing disc golf, soccer, volleyball, and pickleball, exploring the vast world of music, reading engaging books (David Foster Wallace being a personal favorite), taking analog photos of friends, or crafting fun meals or baked goods in the kitchen. Alex also has a cat, Absolutego (aka big boy/bubba/sweet boy), who is objectively pretty cool.

    Alex's cat
  • Mar Kummerman (Student Support Advisor)


    Case Manager Mar

    Mar Kummerman is a full time Student Support Advisor with SOS. They began working in SOS as a Part Time Student Support Advisor in winter 2022 then began full time in July. Mar has a bachelors in Human Services with an emphasis in Mental Health from Cal State Fullerton (Go Titans!) and received their Masters in Higher Education from DU in June 2022, while working towards their masters Mar worked as a  Graduate Resident Director for DU HRE. Mar is from various places in southern California and misses the ocean. In their spare time they enjoy creating various types of art, reading, baking and spending time with their sweet pup Wiley.

  • Jharen Rivera (Part-time Student Support Advisor)
    Jharen Rivera

    Jharen is a Part-Time Student Support Advisor within the SOS team. She graduated from the University of California – Irvine with an education and psychology background, and is currently doing her Masters in Counseling through Northwestern University. Jharen enjoys traveling the world, exploring new foodie spots, going to concerts, dancing, and laughing at memes. Most importantly – she adores spending time with her lovely doggo, Kimo!