SOS Referral System

The SOS Referral system is a process for submitting information about students who are experiencing challenging situations and may need help connecting with appropriate resources. The Student Outreach & Support Staff reviews referrals on a daily basis, Monday-Friday, and outreach is made within 24-48 business hours to our students to learn how we may be able to support them in navigating some of the challenges they may be experiencing.


Referral Process

SOS Referrals may be submitted through our online referral system.

Please refer to our document on how to recognize and support students in distress for indicators of concerning behavior. When in doubt, always submit a referral. It is critical for our students and campus community that we receive this information in a timely manner.

Each referral is reviewed by staff members and then assigned to a Case Manager, who will reach out to the student and develop a support plan. This referral activates the appropriate University protocol to support both the individual and the campus community in maintaining their safety, health, and well-being.

If you have a concern about our referral process, please contact SOS.



As a part of this process, we work very hard to maintain privacy for students so they trust the work we’re doing. As a result, if you submit a referral, we do not generally report back or communicate with you about the details of how we’ll be working with individual students.

An SOS Referral is not for emergencies. If there is an immediate threat to a student or the community, please dial 9-1-1 and then Campus Safety at 303-871-3000. If calling from a campus phone, dial 1-3000.