The Crisis Assessment Risk Evaluation (CARE) behavioral intervention team takes a proactive, supportive approach to the management of situations and behaviors that may be disruptive or pose a risk to the safety, health, or well-being of individuals or the campus community.


Behavioral Intervention Policy

The CARE team will intervene to address and manage patterns and/or instances of concerning behavior to support a student, consistent with the student’s individual rights while balancing the safety, health, and well-being of the campus community.

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Individualized Assessment Policy

If a student is displaying behavior that appears to present a significant disruption or risk of harm to the individual and/or community, an Individual Assessment may be enacted. The CARE team will direct the student to consult with a University-approved, licensed mental health professional or threat assessment professional to complete the Individualized Assessment.

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Mandatory Withdrawal Policy

The University will initiate the Mandatory Withdrawal policy only if (a) the University concludes after conducting the Individualized Assessment that the student’s continued participation in programs, courses, and activities would require accommodations that would be unreasonable or fundamentally alter the nature of the programs; (b) the student rejects all reasonable accommodations offered and cannot meet the essential eligibility requirements of the programs; (c) even with all reasonable accommodations offered, the student cannot meet the essential eligibility requirements of the programs; or (d) the student is unwilling to carry out self-care obligations and/or poses a substantial risk to their own safety.

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