On-Campus Programs

Discoveries Orientation 2022 will take place from Tuesday, September 6th-Sunday, September 11th on the University of Denver Campus.

Below is the New Student Schedule. We encourage you to download Crimson Connect for the full Discoveries Orientation schedule! 

If you are a parent, in search of the Parent and Families Orientation schedule you can find more information here

  • Tuesday, September 6th

    9am-2pm - Move In!

    Who: Residential Students

    9am+ - Parent & Family Orientation 

    Who: Parent, Families and Support Systems 

    View the Full Parent & Family Orientation Schedule here! 

    9am-4pm - Non Residential Student Name Tag Pick Up and Questions! 

    Who: Non Residential Incoming Students

    If you aren't living in a residence hall, we encourage you to come to the West Entrance of the Community Commons. Here you will pick up your Discoveries Orientation name tag and be provided with the answers to any questions you may have about Discoveries Orientation week.

    We also encourage you to visit the DU I.D. Card Office to pick up your ID during this time. The DU I.D. Card Office is located in Driscoll South, at 2050 E. Evans Ave, Denver, CO, 80208. They are open from 8am-1pm and 2pm-4:30pm. If you are a residential student who submitted your I.D. card photo in advance, you will pick that up at your residence hall. Otherwise, you will be asked to visit the card office on Tuesday to have your ID printed and photo taken. 

    4pm-5pm - Floor Meetings

    Who: Residential Students

    5pm-5:30pm - 4Discoveries Leader Meeting

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    It’s time to meet your 4Discoveries Leader! Your 4Discoveries Leader is matched up with your FSEM class to support you during Discoveries Orientation and throughout your fall quarter. You’ll quickly meet them so they can give you all the big details for the week!

    Your Residence Assistant will walk you over if you’re a residential student. Not a residential student? Meet us on Barton Lacrosse Field. 

    5:30pm-7pm - Crimson Cookout

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    Join us on Campus Green for the Campus Cookout! We’ll have free dinner and dessert for you and anyone who may have joined you for move in!

    7pm-10pm - Discoveries After Dark: The 4D Experience

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    You might be familiar with the 4D Experience at this point. This is your first opportunity to get to experience it as a student! Parents, families, and friends can tag along too to the free event featuring different engaging sessions, activities and more!

  • Wednesday, September 7th

    7am-8:45am - Breakfast

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    9am-11am - Parent & Family Orientation 

    Who: Parent, Families and Support Systems 

    View the Full Parent & Family Orientation Schedule here! 

    9am-10am - DU Class Photo

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    An annual tradition here at DU is the DU Class Photo. Meet your 4Discoveries Leader on Barton Lacrosse Field (where you met them last night) to pick up your class shirt and join your class to make the class photo!

    10am-11am - Convocation & Family Send Off

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    Convocation is the official welcome by the University of Denver to you, our new students! You’ll hear from members of the community, learn about what it means to be a DU student, and take part of a great tradition!

    11am-1pm - Lunch

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    1pm – 3pm: Meeting with FSEM

    Who: FTFY Students

    For our First Time First Year (FTFY) Students, FSEMs are not only required, but a big part of your first year at DU. During Discoveries Orientation week, you get the opportunity to meet with your FSEM a few times in the classroom with your professor, and outside the classroom with your 4Discoveries Leader.

    1pm-3pm: Transfer Student Programming

    Who: Transfer Students  

    Specially designed for our incoming transfer students, this programming will be geared toward you! Join us to learn about what makes DU unique and meet your fellow transfer classmates!

    3:15pm-3:45pm & 4pm-4:30pm: Crimson Connection Sessions

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    Now that you’re here on campus, it’s time for you to officially meet some of the members of your community. Through the online course, you’ve been introduced to our community, our shared values, and the resources that are here to support you.

    We also encouraged you to think about how this may look for you as you enter a new community. Consider adding connections through your peers, perhaps transfer and/or commuter status, your school/college, major(s), roommate(s), housing community, FSEM, clubs, and more.

    Now, it’s time for you to meet the members of this new community as they share stories of how they were shaped by their time as a college student.

    Their story might look a lot like you imagine yours to – it might not! Either is ok! It’s time for you to sit back, listen, and think how you’ll create your DU experience!

    5pm-8pm: Dinner

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    8pm+: Discoveries After Dark: Rec Night + Rec Night Expanded   

    Join us in the Richie Center, to experience all things Athletics and Recreation. Not your jam? Join movie night, arcade games, and VR games across campus!

  • Thursday, September 8th:

    7am-8:45am: Breakfast

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    9:00am-9:45am: 4Discoveries Leader Check In

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    Time to start off your day with your Discoveries group (FSEM Classmates or fellow transfer students) and your 4Discoveries Leader. Your leader will tell you where to meet. Be sure to check their messages in Raftr!

    10:00-10:30am & 10:45-11:15am: Resource Roundtables Session #1 & #2

    Thursday is the day to dive in! During these sessions, we encourage you to think about what you have continued to learn about our community, and what the next step is for you. Your time with your peer leader should give you some guidance on what session to attend. However, this session is your time to learn about a resource, community, or meet a new friend! Pick two sessions!

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    11am-1pm: Lunch   

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    1pm-2:45pm: FSEM Meeting   

    Who: FTFY Students

    Time to reconnect with your FSEM professor and classmates in the classroom you were in yesterday!

    1pm-2:45pm: Transfer College Receptions  

    Who: Select Transfer Students

    • College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:
      • Anthropology
      • Asian Studies
      • Communication Studies
      • Economics
      • Emergent Digital Practices
      • English
      • French
      • History
      • Judaic Studies
      • Music
      • Philosophy
      • Psychology
      • Sociology & Criminology
      • Spanish
    • Korbel School of International Studies

    1pm-2:45pm: Transfer Student Programming

    Who: Transfer Students

    Some of our transfer students will join a college reception during this time (see above). Otherwise, join us for a

    3pm-4:45pm: FTFY + Transfer College Receptions   

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    Declared a Major? Join your college as they welcome you, help you meet your peers, share more information about their program, and introduce you to faculty and staff.

    Not Declared? No worries! You'll join other non-declared students for an exciting session that will help you think about your major, meet other students just like you, and learn about great resources to support you at DU!

    Transfer Student Programming  

    If you already went to your college reception, join us for some more time to meet your fellow transfer students, learn about life at DU & more.

    5pm- 8pm: Dinner   

    Who FTFY & Transfer Students

    8pm+: Discoveries After Dark: Thursday Night Live

    FTFY & Transfer Students

    Join us for late night programming events including Casino Tables, Drag Bingo, an Improv Show, a Mentalist/Hypnotist, Comedy Show, and a shaved ice truck!

  • Friday, September 9th

    7am- 8:45am: Breakfast   

    9am-3pm: FSEM Destinations   

    Who: FTFY Students

    For our First Time First Year students, you’ve spent your first week getting to know your fellow FSEM classmates. First year students will rejoin their FSEM professors for a Destinations trip. Your FSEM Professor will have more details for you!

    11am- 1pm: Lunch  

    5pm-7pm: Dinner   

    7pm-Beyond: Discoveries After Dark: Friday Film Fest  

  • Saturday, September 10th

    10am-4pm: Discover Denver Day

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students 

    7:30+ Discoveries After Dark: Hot Summer Nights

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

    Sunday, September 11th

    5pm: Student Involvement Fair

    Who: FTFY & Transfer Students

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